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Question about babysitting?

I am sooo excited I'm getting a little sibling. I have always loved kids. I need to make money too so I would love to babysit. Anyone know how to get started? I'm 14 and the neighbors like it when I keep their kids occupied, but they never need a sitter. I'm homeschooled, so I have more flexible hours. Ok what I came for hehe. Anyone know anything I can crochet for the baby? I'm making a blanket and already made hats and booties. I could knit, but Iike crocheting better. I'm making a stuffed animal with fabric and stuff too. And I need to babysit soon so I can help buy onesies and stuff. (I'm turning 15 December 12)

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    Male something for them play with them show them love and enjoyment that your there and bring them outside for a bit they enjoy seeing the environment around them be safe and no crazy shonzo stuff and disciple is okay but only to a limit a gentle but strength to it tap on the hand if they do any thing wrong

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    You could crochet stuffed animals as well. Get some cotton yarn and make burp cloths. Can never have too many of those! Another idea, you can make blanket sleepers. They are just like a crocheted potato sack with buttoned shoulder straps... Keeps baby nice and warm.

    The babysitting... If you live in a nice little neighborhood go door to door with flyers. Maybe your family could help spread the news too. Put up and ad with your contact info at your local grocery store. They usually have a bulletin board for such things.

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