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Why did the liberal scum viciously attack Melissa Joan Hart for exercising her freedom of choice?

Because she expressed her choice to support Mitt Romney and vote for him.

Now, I don't have a lot of time to go in depth about this, but I would like to spit into the face of each you rotten liberals personally, and drive you out of America with the instructions to never come back as long as you live. But since this is supposed to be a question, how did you ever become so rotten and disrespectful? Were you "born that way" or was it learned behavior, by associating with your peers?

What happened to "tolerance," "freedom choice," and ideals you supposedly hold dear? Do you believe these concepts only apply to you? You not only make me sick, but you make my skin crawl. Thanks a lot.

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    I hadn't heard but found an article on this:

    Most of the people saying hateful things are Hollywood supporters. Most of Hollywood support Obama.Obama is popular with the celebrities. He is more of a celebrity than a President. He is not Presidential material. This shows what many democrats are like. Many celebrities are democrats also. I don't dislike all celebs, or their supporters, but many of them have no sense what so ever of the ''regular everyday persons'' life. Just like Obama. They can pretend, but they cannot, and do not identify with regular people. Dem's ***** about republicans .... saying they're sore losers, and then they speak hateful to those who disagree with them. Many Dem's threatened to riot if Obama wasn't re-elected. So they need to shut the hell up. They wanna get all violent with people who disagree with them, they wanna fight and riot. They like to be controlling, just like Obama, and many celebs (not all, but many).

    Obama supporters have threatened violence and rioting, ''if'' he wasn't re-elected. They have done this many, many times.Romney got a lot of death threats from Obama supporters also. This is just one article about it, but there are several more:

    Btw, I'm not a republican or democrat. I just call it like I see it. It is what it is.

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    8 years ago

    Because people think that they are right and everyone else who thinks differently is wrong. This is why I personally am not very political, and I only really discuss political beliefs with close family and friends. Everyone is entitled to vote for who THEY want to vote for and they should not be criticized for their decision.

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    4 years ago

    she has disappeared into the black hollow of obscurity as she is a action picture star, and that's the place all celebrities, different than for Rugby League and Rockstars bypass, they bypass into the potlight of "shall we know greater approximately those poeple" than the black hollow of ineffective careers in attempting so vainly to entertain the accepted public!

  • 8 years ago

    She was the one who played Samantha in Bewitched I think. This sounds like some sort of Hollywood tiff, theatrical people are highly strung.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nobody gives a sh*t about Melissa Joan Has-Been and the election's done, won and over.

    Obama won. Get over it and get on with your life.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Why do right wingers refer to people who disagree with them as scum? Pathetic and silly rhetoric like this is as bad as what you are complaining about. Ever hear the phrase "pot meet kettle".

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