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What was the medical atmosphere like in1960s?

What was the healthcare atmosphere of patient care and medical training like during the 1960's and 1970s?

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  • 7 years ago
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    In the 1950s, the price of hospital care doubled. Now in the early 1960s, those outside the workplace, especially the elderly, have difficulty affording insurance.

    Over 700 insurance companies selling health insurance.

    Concern about a "doctor shortage" and the need for more "health manpower" leads to federal measures to expand education in the health professions.

    Major medical insurance endorses high-cost medicine.

    President Lyndon Johnson signs Medicare and Medicaid into law.

    "Compulsory Health Insurance" advocates are no longer optimistic'.

    The number of doctors reporting themselves as full-time specialists grows from 55% in 1960 to 69%.


    President Richard Nixon renames prepaid group health care plans as health maintenance organizations (HMOs), with legislation that provides federal endorsement, certification, and assistance.

    Healthcare costs are escalating rapidly, partially due to unexpectedly high Medicare expenditures, rapid inflation in the economy, expansion of hospital expenses and profits, and changes in medical care including greater use of technology, medications, and conservative approaches to treatment. American medicine is now seen as in crisis.

    President Nixon's plan for national health insurance rejected by liberals & labor unions, but his "War on Cancer" centralizes research at the NIH.

    The number of women entering the medical profession rises dramatically. In 1970, 9% of medical students are women; by the end of the decade, the proportion exceeds 25%.

    World Health Organization declares smallpox eradicated.

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