Which textbook should I get to self-study for the AP World History exam?

I signed up to take AP World History but because of scheduling issues I could not take it. I have heard the Stearns World Civilizations is really good. I have take APUSH and got a 5 on the exam. I am in AP Euro right now and have an A. Please Help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I took AP World 2 years ago, and our required textbook was Stearns. My teacher doesn't recommend it. It's too much reading that can be easily confusing. I still think you should get it though, because it has good info.

    I would highly recommend Strayer's "Ways of the World: A Global History". I believe that this is the one my teacher encouraged us to get. It's very clear and easy to understand, and has nice charts from what I can remember

    Also don't forget to get AP World exam books. I used the Princeton one and really liked it, and I heard 5 steps to a 5: World History are good as well.

    Good luck with your AP exam :)

    Source(s): Got a 5 on my AP world exam ;D
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