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My friend convinced me that a guy asked me to prom?

Well my friend convinced me that this guy asked me to prom, i mentioned it to my other friend and she went and asked him, as you can imagine he said no. Now he is really really mad at me and hates me. i dont know what to do, i texted him telling him what happened but he wont relpy and im really worried that he'll tell the whole school that im "stuck up" ect. I feel really bad about it and dont know what to do. Please help? :(


My friends are now saying that he is a **** in general and isn't worth ****, but even if that's true i still feel bad about it.

I was with him and he said "You have to go to prom now cause you're now my plus one" Which i presumed as jokey, then my friend was like, He asked you to prom.

Update 2:

Apparently he's been saying to people that im a self obsessed, cutting short emo weirdo and that he's always thaught this about me.

I still feel bad about it though.

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    if someone does not come to you personally and ask you

    why would you assume you were asked

    i would be made at your friend

    apologize to the guy

    if he does not accept your apology

    so what

    go on with your life


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    Its all up to you and ive never even went to a prom (!) but from the story i'd say that if I were you I would wait. If he dident do anything wrong and accepted, id just go to the prom with him and if he told everybody. .. I would just always ignore him and what he says. Because i (I mean you) am more important than him...

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    Don't worry. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

    Everything will be fine because everything happens for a reason.

    The next time you see him face to face tell him what happened, if he is worth your time then he will listen and if he doesn't then give him time.

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