I am in need of help guys,please help?

I am actually looking out for a product I am not quite sure about may be lonol saltfree powder but i need u people to help me out it is actually a product which can be used instead of salt in recipes as it tastes like salt but does'nt give side effects of salt for patients with problems of sodium chloride banplease help me out but it sounds like lonol

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    8 years ago
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    Here, This seems like the product for you!


    Source(s): http://www.alsosalt.com/ My own research.
  • 8 years ago

    it has been proven that more heart patients die from lack of sodium than from overdosing of it. or even using a bit to season foods so they don't taste like hospital take away!

    lack of iodine from salt ban causes thyroid diseases and diabetes!!

    the substitutes that contain potassium instead of sodium cause problems with those taking statin drugs for supposed cholesterol problems.

    I would rather use a tiny bit of real salt with iodine than to suffer any more indignities of disease! Yes, doctors cut me off salt some 40 years ago and I got used to not eating it. Now I have major health problems due to that ban and my rigid adhearence to their edicts!!

  • 8 years ago

    Here's the amazon-page for you:www.amazon.com/Best...Salt-Substitutes/zgbs/grocery/16321871 and this might be of great help:www.livestrong.com/.../460647-the-best-salt-substitutes... -

    But you don't necessarily need salt for spicing dishes.I only use salt for beating egg-whites and believe my meals are very delicious! (I hate salty taste,I eat almost unhealthily little salt)

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