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32 式太極劍競賽套路的劍譜in English

誰能幫忙? 請給我32式太極劍競賽套路的英譯.


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    Prepare formula

    From potential (tricyclic sets)

    Left foot opened 4, turned on the step lunge refers

    Arms held flat 5, on the steps to wear the sword, proprietary development arm

    The waist swing arm received foot, step lunge pick sword.

    The first group

    And step point of the sword (superficial)

    Second, the independent anti-stab (large Kuixing style)

    Third, the servant step swept (water swallows copy)

    The right flat band (right bar sweep)

    Five left flat-band (left bar sweep)

    Six independent whirl hack (Goes to Sea potential)

    Retreated Withdrawing (bosom months)

    8, independent on the thorn (Suniao cast forest)

    The second group

    IX false step lower (Oolong wagging tail)

    10, left lunge stab (Qinglong water)

    Eleven, turned the oblique with (Kazamaki, lotus leaf)

    Twelve, reduced body stripe (the Lions shaking his head)

    Thirteen, knee holding a sword (tiger on your head)

    Fourteen jump step flat thorn (the Broncos jump Stream)

    Fifteen, left empty step stitch the (small kuixing)

    Sixteen, the right lunge tease (Haidilaoyue)

    The third group

    Seventeen, turned Withdrawing the (shoot geese)

    Eighteen and step flat thorn (white ape offer fruit)

    Nineteen, left lunge Elam (windward Shan month)

    Twenty, right lunge Elam (windward Shan month)

    Twenty-one left lunge Elam (windward Shan month)

    XXII, advances in anti-stab (yielded to)

    Twenty-three, reflexive back split (meteor rush Month)

    Twenty-four, the point of the sword of the empty step (unrestrained)

    The fourth group

    XXV, an independent the Pinto (Tiaolian style)

    XXVI, hang lunge split (left wheels Sword)

    Xxvii, false step whirl hack (right wheels Sword)

    Twenty-eight withdrawal step counter (Mirs wings)

    19, progressive flat thorn, (Hornets hole)

    Thirty small step Withdrawing (bosom months)

    Thirty-one rotating flat wiping (wind sweep Plum)

    Thirty-two lunge flat spines (Compass)

    Income potential

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