♂ WDYT of my top 10 boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

1. James David "James"

2. Zachary Kevin "Zach"

3. Christopher Michael "Chris"

4. Nathaniel Scott "Nathan"

5. Kevin Andrew "Kevin"

6. William Connor "Will"

7. Matthew Robert "Matt"

8. Evan Joseph "Evan"

9. Samuel David "Sam"

10. Adam Michael "Adam"

The most detailed answer will get ten points! =)

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    8 years ago
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    James David- I absolutely love this name combination. Both James and David are significant to me personally, so I could also see myself using these names as well. James is a classic name that will never go out of style and David matches it nicely. It is nice to see James being used as a first name. I haven't seen a young James in a while, but I know plenty of new parents who used James in the middle name spot. It is just such a great name that seems to go unnoticed because people see it so much(as a middle name). Overall, I think that this name is fantastic.

    Zachary Kevin- Honestly, I am not too fond of either name. They aren't bad, but they are just two names that I have never been a fan of. Zachary isn't bad, but I highly dislike the nickname Zach. It just isn't appealing to me at all. Kevin is okay. I don't hate it, but I don't like it. I guess I feel indifferent about the name Kevin, but pairing it with Zachary is what makes me dislike the name combination. I am not saying that this is a name that should be taken off of your list, but due to personally preferences, I don't like it.

    Christopher Michael- I would prefer if this combination was switched around (Michael Christopher), but I still like Christopher Michael. The only problem I have with this name is the fact that it is extremely common. Nearly ever Christopher I know has Michael as their middle name. Still, I can't deny that I do really like this combination. Both names are classic and that just makes for a great name.

    Nathaniel Scott- I absolutely love this combination. Nathaniel is my favorite male name. Nathaniel looks nicely when written on paper and it also sounds amazing. It ages wonderfully. I can picture an infant named Nathaniel as easily as I can picture an elderly man with this name. Nathaniel is a very strong name, but it isn't one of those "in your face" masculine names (i.e Hunter, Frank). It is a name that gives you the best of both worlds. It sounds poetic, but also isn't a name that will be turned into a "unisex" name. The nickname Nathan is my favorite, but I also like Nate as a nickname. Scott flows amazingly with Nathaniel, so this is easily my favorite name on your list.

    Kevin Andrew- As I have stated before, I am not in love with Kevin. It isn't a bad name, but I just feel lukewarm towards it. Andrew is nice and is a family name on my side, so I can see myself using it. The problem with this name is the fact that both names are a bit dated. I guess a positive could be that he would most likely be the only Kevin in his class, but even then I am not enthusiastic about this one.

    William Connor- William is a name that I absolutely hate due to my association with it. Every single William I have ever met has been extremely weird, so I can't picture anything other than them when I hear it. Connor is nice, but I prefer Colin. Unfortunately, I am unable to put my negative associations aside for this one.

    Matthew Robert- Matthew is a name that has appeared in my top ten as well. I still adore it, but it is not in my top 10 anymore. Robert flows amazingly with Matthew, so I do like this combination. I am not crazy about the nickname Matt, which is it has been replaced on my list, but it isn't terrible. Overall, I would say that this combination is a strong and nice name.

    Evan Joseph- I really like the name Evan. Evan is one of those names that sounds absolutely adorable on a young boy, but also ages well. Joseph is also nice and flows well with Evan. Joseph Evan would also be wonderful as well, but Evan Joseph is just as nice. Evan is more modern, but Joseph gives the name a classic feel. Great combination.

    Samuel David- Samuel used to be in my number one spot, but it has been sliding down my favorites list. Samuel is very handsome and offers great nickname options. I have just found that I like other names more, but Samuel is still in my top 15. David is a name that I plan to use in the future, and I had this exact same name combination on my list. I do think these names work well in a combination together considering the fact that they are both strong, handsome, and biblical.

    Adam Michael- Adam has been climbing on to my favorites list lately. I didn't used to love it, but I have slowly started to love it. I do like Michael, but I am not sure on the flow of this name. Adam ends with an "m" and Michael starts with an "m", so they clash a bit when paired together.

  • 8 years ago

    I really like the nature of all of them. Im not into the super interesting names i like more old common names. My fathers name is kevin so i love that. I have friends named chris, evan, matt, zach, james & sam so those are cool my favorite would have to be Evan, sam & Matt. Matthew is my sons middle name:)

  • cirino
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    4 years ago

    Zachary Kevin - is this what you had earlier? it feels.... amended? I without notice truly like it and that i remember no longer being keen on your selection a million. i admire Zachary. Kevin is.... properly. Kevin. Urgh. in spite of if, I do think of this may be somewhat ok heavy (soundwise) Sean Christopher - i in my view love the circulate and experience of this, in spite of if neither call floats my cup of coke all that lots James David - this feels too very such as a accepted-final call, and it relatively is in simple terms uninteresting and that i might hate so you might have 3 boys and have this blubber next to the truly advantageous ones.... Kevin Andrew - there is that Kevin back.... i've got confidence like it is in simple terms too 40yearoldbanker, no longer somewhat boy Christopher Michael - i in my view hate the call Michael, however the mixture is advantageous sufficient. I lots choose Christian to Christopher, yet I actually have an excellent chum/taxi driving force named Christian and a cheatinglyingscumwhorecactusraping ex named Christopher Matther Henry - it is eye-catching and that i call for you progression it up the checklist this instant Evan Scott - this needs to be longer.... it relatively is okay... in simple terms blunt Robert Nicholas - my little cousin advance into named Nicholas Robert, so i admire this call via default. Colin Daniel - hate Colin. I actually have a dull uncle named Colin, an abusive father named Colin, and a daunting as fudge jujitsu instructor named Colin. no longer a reliable call. Daniel is uninteresting. undesirable uninteresting mixture. Andrew Reilly - i think of Reilly Andrew flows greater efficient and if it advance into RA i might surely say circulate it up your checklist. BQ: i don't have ten! i do no longer even have 4 at this 2d in time! Thorfinn James, Skyler Elliot and Mackenzie Jasper.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like them, they are all nice boys names.

    They are all too common for me to love though.

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  • 8 years ago

    beautiful names........ i like Matthew Robert

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