New PC gamer getting Black Ops2 Steam?

Hey guys so i use to be an xbox gamer but know moving to a pc gamer So like Im all new to steam and stuff so like do I need but the game from steam or do I have to go to gamestop? Will it be released on the release date on steam? Like will there be a countdown. Also my frined said that you can change your name to w.e you want? And like can you talk to people like on xbox like do people susally talk to each other on the game?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Steam is the best you can have, I'm glad i have Steam, it have the best price and games, it also have Steam achievements, and yes you can chat with people, and you can change your GT anytime you want as much as you want for free. and most games use your Steam GT and some other like GFWL uses your Xbox360 GT, there's always sales on new and old games on Steam, Try games like L4D2 the DLC is free on Steam, unlike Xbox360 you have to pay a price for L4D2 DLC's

    You can't sale used PC games anyway ,since it registered to your account so i suggest you buy it as a download on Steam, for your pre-order of BO II the game will be available for download i think 2 hours earlier but for sure it will be available to play at 00:00 AM Nov 13 2012 .

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  • Steam is one of the greatest annoyances for pc gamers and originally was only created to prevent piracy, nothing else.

    Of course they try and make it look all useful - but its just a pain in the @$§

    You can use the mic in game on blk ops2 - steam has got nothing to do with it.

    You can pick a SN ingame, you can pick a different SN for your steam acct.

    Steam will spy on you, search for other games installed on your pc and will prevent you from playing games before the official release date in your area, meaning:

    If you are like in europe and the game is released in the US a week before europe, even buying the game from steam wont let you play it before the official release date..

    And I could go on like this for an hour..

    Scr3w St3@M!!

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