Buying a used cluster for 2002 Chevy avalanche, computer will hold same info for mileage?

Unfortunately most 2002 and other model year clusters from the Chevy Avalanche models have cluster issues and I'm looking to replace a faulty one. The miles are in digital format, when I plug in the other cluster, the computer should display the correct mileage, is that correct?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm a technician at a GM dealer, and unfortunately, it will not display the current miles on your truck. The cluster has to be programmed at the factory, and that's something even we at the dealer can't do. Whenever we replace the instrument panel cluster, we have to call the factory, order the cluster (which requires the part number that is retrieved with a Tech2 scan tool) and tell them the odometer reading on the old odometer.

    This is the only way you can get a replacement cluster to read the correct mileage. They are actually fairly easy to replace if you know what to remove. The front dash trim is held on with clips, and the ip cluster is held in place with four 7mm bolts.

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  • 7 years ago

    Shouldnt, I want to say they are like the newer models (2005-2009) where the mileage has to be entered into it only if it has been erased correctly from an authorize repair facility. But you just swapping it to another vehicle doesnt do it. Whatever the mileage was on that cluster when you remove it will be the same even if installed on another vehicle. Not sure why your replacing your cluster for an used one. If it is bad, that one you have will either be the same or will fail not long down the road. But the mileage if burned into it cannot change regardless if you swap it to another vehicle. Even programming them at the dealership wont change them, they have to be done at SPECMO or any other place that repairs IPC that has the ability to actually erase the chip that keeps that info

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    7 years ago

    It is a Dealer question you need a re manufacture cluster will get programme according to your vehicle option and the part number gets install in your truck

    Even some technician has problem to properly do it so not the home mechanic type job

    This is a technician web site as if it mean something to you

    If you check your VIN there is a special coverage for 2003 dealer would confirm this

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    7 years ago

    whatever vehicle you get the instrament cluster from will keep the same milage it had last. your computer is not going to keep the milage, only your guage cluster keeps the info. you will have to pay the chevy dealer to program the correct milage. If its less just roll with it LOL if its more pay the dealer to lower it!!!

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    3 years ago


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    7 years ago

    I think it will.

    Dashboard work is complicated and expensive.

    Ask the installer.

    You could break plastic and mess up the vehicles wiring if you do it yourself.

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