Who is Michael Moorcock in science fiction writing?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Michael Moorcock has won many awards both for individual books and 'lifetime achievement'.

    1967 Nebula Award (Novella): Behold the Man

    1972 August Derleth Fantasy Award: The Knight of the Swords[19]

    1973 August Derleth Fantasy Award: The King of the Swords[20]

    1974 British Fantasy Award (Best Short Story): The Jade Man's Eyes

    1975 August Derleth Fantasy Award: The Sword and the Stallion[21]

    1976 August Derleth Fantasy Award: The Hollow Lands[22]

    1977 Guardian Fiction Award: The Condition of Muzak

    1979 John W. Campbell Memorial Award: Gloriana[23]

    1979 World Fantasy Award (Best Novel): Gloriana[23]

    1993 British Fantasy Award (Committee Award)

    2000 World Fantasy Award (Lifetime Achievement)[24]

    2002 Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame

    2004 Prix Utopiales "Grandmaster" Lifetime Achievement Award

    2004 Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award

    2008 SFWA Grand Master Award

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He is and author and was an editor of a sci-fi rag.

    In my opinion his most enduring work will be (is) his swords and sorcery books about the "eternal champion". My favorite is Elric, but there are others. After reading a few, they start blending together...The two I remember best are Elric and Corum (Swords trilogy).

    Also the time travel sci-fi story Behold the Man won some award or another.

    So too did his work "Dancers at the End of Time" - I still remember them being so decadent - about just what the title of the series (trilogy and some short stories if I recall) implies - the far future where humans still exist, but the end of the Universe is nigh. I liked this too.

  • eric k
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    7 years ago

    He's had a huge influence over the course of a long career. His "Eternal Champion" cycle is great; pick up one of the numerous omnibus collections if you can.

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