How do i deal with at this rude fat chick in my class?

soo, theres this extremely rude fat girl in my class, who always has this horrible attitude towards me of all people. i've never done anything to her, im quiet at school, (unless i'm with my friends lol) & i dont start drama with people cause i just dont want any trouble. but she keeps making these little smart remarks at me in front of the class, i usually just tell her to shut up & i shrug it off, but its starting to reallyy piss me off. what should i do?

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  • mcq316
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    8 years ago
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    I'm going to go ahead and guess that you HAVE done something. I say that because you refer to her as 'fat' when that has absolutely NO BEARING on anything else in your story. Why make an attack like that? Whether you know it or not, you've probably done or said something that offended her.

  • Antst
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    8 years ago

    Well, I'll take you at your word that you haven't done anything to mess with her. But I would think about mcq316's comment. You seem pretty comfortable with calling her fat, so is it possible that you said something she overheard?

    Anyway, if you are confident this is coming out of nowhere, I think you should push back--just enough to show her that you won't let her pick on you. Don't go nuclear; if you say anything really strong or embarrass her in front of the class, then the situation will probably escalate. In other words, she'll get worse and your problem won't go away.

    So I would stick with making brief, calm, non-personal responses. Say just enough to make your point that she has no reason to pick on you and you're not a push-over, so you won't stand for it. Don't say anything about her personally. Say things that focus on her treatment of you. For example:

    "I've been trying to figure out why you keep choosing me for those comments. Maybe I have a secret evil twin who did you wrong."

    Or "I was wondering how long it would take you to comment about me today. Usually it's earlier."

    Or "Do you have a crush on me? Is that why you keep trying to get my attention with those remarks?"

    Or you can just ignore her, like her comments don't matter to you. This would probably disappoint her more than anything you could say.

    Who knows why she is doing this? My bet is that she is offended by something you've said. Or maybe your friends have been mean to her and she figures that you're the easiest person to get revenge on because you're quiet? Or maybe she really does have a crush on you and just doesn't know how to deal with it.

  • 8 years ago

    You can either ignore her or have it out with her. When you see her alone, calmly and frankly say something like "Look, I don't like the rude comments you make about me, and I want to know what your problem is with me." Put your cards on the table. If she responds in a mature way and is willing to have a conversation with you to clear the air, you might just learn some things that might surprise you.

    Because it sounds to me like you're the one with the problem in this scenario. You go out of your way to refer to her as a fat chick, which is completely irrelevant to the situation. That makes you look bigoted, petty, shallow, and a hater. Maybe you should look at lot closer at yourself and the way you unconsciously treat HER. So what if you don't blatantly start drama. If you think of her as a "fat chick" rather than just a person, trust me, it shows. At least to her, it does. So how do you know she's not reacting to YOU?

  • 8 years ago

    Don't listen to mc.. Girls can be bitches for absolutely no reason. You called her fat out of resentment.... That is understandable.

    I knew this girl in high school who hated me for a stupid reason. A teacher offered me extra credit to stay behind and set up buzzers for academic team try outs. I was connecting the buzzers one by one and i accidentally pulled a buzzer off of the desk this girl was sitting at. Keep in mind I was setting the buzzers up.. She says to me "Uh... So you know you pulled my buzzer off of my desk!" She then moved to the other side.

    I had her in a class and she always made remarks to or about me for no reason. Simply out of spite and she was real snobby. I never did aything to her. One day I got fed up and walked out of class right before the bell so i didn't say anything to her. The next day the teacher told me not to start things with her....

    In the Navy girls hated me because i expected them to work so they had a vendetta for me.

    Girls are petty, and rude.. And one little thing sets them off.. even if it is irrational.

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  • 8 years ago

    Ignore her. Don't pay her any attention. She is looking to get a rise out of you. ANY kind of notice of her and she knows she won.

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