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Macbeth and obsession/corruption ENGLISH ESSAY HELP?

Ok so i am writing a comparative essay on macbeth and frankenstein. i need some quotes and/or possible meanings ( ones that indicate corruption and how his ambition has become an obsession ) im at the part where he starts to go loopy and is loosing his mind i just need some ways to describe how his ambition has made him go crazy and corrupted and what it has done to him e.c.t. sorry for the very vague description i just need an answer super quick. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.

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    Well, I can't give you exact quotes because I did both of these about a year ago in English. But...

    Ambition - both Macbeth and Frankenstein have aspirations (become king, create life)

    Success - only after the point of OBSESSION do they achieve their goals

    Guilt - this success turns out ruining them; they thought the end would justify the means, instead it ruined their whole lives. they were basically better off before, but they lost sanity through their obsession

    Breakdown - this is where they diverge: macbeth tries to continue his kingship, but frankenstein tries to destroy his creation. though the essay has been comparative thus far, you should be able to make some interesting points about the difference at that point. corruption and obsession can go both ways at this point, but at the end both stories are tragic for the characters.

    for quotes (and use a lot!) go to the parts of the story where these things happen: the characters talk about what they want to do, moment of success, and parts where they're going loopy, then do the part where macbeth is overcome by the advancing forest, and where frankenstein confronts his monster in the arctic

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