We can't decide on a name for our baby. Do you want to help us?

We don't know the gender yet. And we have a few names on our list which sound great to us. But there's not one name yet that really 'wows" us. So.... we need help.

This is what we've got so far:

Sverre Alwin (SVER-Ruh) (AHL-Win)

Armin Ronald (AR-min) (ROE(like in Joe)-Nald)

Espen Milan (ES-Puhn) (MEE-Lahn)


Gioia Loïs (JOY-Ah) (LOH-Wis)

Ayla Féline (AY-Lah) (Faye-LEE-Nuh)

Olivia Maeve (Oh-LEE-Vee-Yah) (MAYV)

Single names on our list:

For boys: Jesse (YES-Suh), Ferron (FER-Rohn), Milan (MEE-Lahn), Jack, Oliver

For girls: Joleen (Yo-LEEN), Lene (LAY-Nuh, Inez (EE-Nez), Anniek (Ahn-NEEK), Maya (MAH-Yah)

Suggestions are welcome, opinions are welcome.



Yep: Forgot something:

Baby will be born in Holland (the Netherlands). Dutch mom, American Dad. Will grow up in Holland for at least the first 5 years. We might move abroad (to the US) within several years.

Update 2:

The fact that some of the names aren't easy to pronounce don't really bother us. The baby's gonna have Dutch roots anyway. So there's Dutch family wich has trouble with English names, as well as there is American family that's is going to have trouble with the Dutch pronunciation of the names.

However. I agree that when we actually are going to move to the US it should be an international name. As he or she's going to school there, make new friends there etc. On the other hand, kids learn fast and can adapt easily to 'weird' sounding names.

Damn hard! :-)

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    They're very unique! Firstly, I'll judge your names so far:

    Sverre Alwin: I don't like the name Sverre because, if you say it'll be in Holland for 5 years and go to US, the name Sverre is not easy to pronounce. At first, I thought it was 'sehv-ear' but then I saw the actual pronounciation which was way off my guess. I'd keep Alwin if you like it, and it is pronounceable.

    Armin Ronald: I don't like Armin, yes it's easy to pronounce but it's quite harsh on a kid in 2012/2013 and so on. Ronald I'd keep, it's cute and everyone knows how to pronounce it!

    Espen Milan: I really don't like it. Espen looks like 'es-pen' but then I see it's pronounced as 'es-puhn' which throws me off course completely. Milan is a place, I really don't think it'd suit a little boy! Sorry, I dislike this name completely.

    Gioia Loϊs: I like this! I know how to pronounce both names, I have a friend called Lois without the 'ϊ' but pronounced the same, and Gioia is a cute Italian girl name.

    Ayla Féline: I like Ayla, but not Féline. Feline is a cat, I would hate to be Ayla Cat. Keep Ayla!

    Olivia Maeve: PERFECT, PERFECT. I love both names. Keep all.

    These are my favourites (with your single names):

    εϊз Jesse Oliver

    εϊз Jack Alwin

    εϊз Oliver Ronald

    εϊз Gioia Loϊs

    εϊз Ayla Joleen

    εϊз Maya Loϊs

    εϊз Olivia Maeve

    εϊз Olivia Inez

    εϊз Loϊs Joleen

    Good luck!

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    8 years ago

    Boy Name Suggestions Jesse Oliver or Jesse Milan

    Girl Name Suggestions Joleen Lene, Maya Joleen, Olivia Joleen, Joleen Olivia, or Maya Olivia

    When you do move to the USA, these names are more common and easier to pronounce.

    Hope this helps! Congratulations!

    More name suggesions


    Juliet (ju-lee-et)

    Rosalie (rose-uh-lee)

    Elsie <3 (el-see)

    Melissa <3 (mel-liss-suh)

    Jenna (jen-nuh)

    Rochelle (row-shell)


    Elliot (el-lee-et)

    Owen (oh-wen)

    Ryan (rye-en)

    Patrick (pa-trick)

    Noah (no-uh)

    Hope this helps!

  • 8 years ago

    Love the girl names; Olivia, Gioia and Maya

    Boy names; Jack, Jesse and Milan

  • 8 years ago

    Armin Ronald and Olivia Maeve <3


    Oliver and Maya.

    --especially if you only plan on staying in holland for such a short period of his/her childhood. It's almost insignificant to give him/her a traditional Dutch name.

    Just my opinion.

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    8 years ago

    For a girl I like Olivia Maeve the best and for a boy I like Jesse Ronald the best they just sound nice together.

    Other names you might like:

    Hana Maria (G)

    Nadia Alaine (G)

    Owen Rupert (B)

    Alistair James (B)

    Henry Mitchell (B)

    Gillian Therese (G)

    Luciana Michelle (G)

    Maddox Christopher (B)

  • 8 years ago

    I like Jack, Oliver, and Maya. Some of the others I think might be hard to pronounce, depending on where you're from. [Sverre, looks like it's "severe" missing a letter or two]

  • Sisi
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    8 years ago

    Espen Milan and Olivia Maeve are really beautiful.

  • 8 years ago

    I like Milan and Lene :)

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