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Which party will win in next election in Bangladesh? Why?

Your opinion short explain me

1. Awami_League

2. B.N.P

3. Jatio party

4. Jamyati islami Bangladesh

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    Given the bad names earned by the present ruling party Awami League (AL) over the last 4 years with heavy-handed rule over the rivals it appears that out of two devils Bangladeshi have no other option but to elect the inefficient BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) to power just to get rid of the people who uses prefix of "Awami" in their pseudo-organisations name and mistreating ordinary citizens as if the rule of AL will never end. Just to get away from AL's tyranny people may vote the lesser evil the BNP to power in the next general election.

    Jatio Party led by the ex-dictator and 'thief-of-Baghdad' can again come out as a 'king maker' due to the fact that this guy Ershad commands some 27 seats would try to play tricks and change the equation of who will come to power. The same nuisance power can be displayed by Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh who may get some sympathetic vote due to the repression being meted out to them in recent days.

    Btw, the user 'Excalibur' has posted a racist answer in the disguise of being a 'British trainee historian' who might have his roots in Pakistan and tried to defame Bangladesh and its people for obvious reason.

    Hope above helps.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Bangladesh is kind of inferior in politics because they are generally an inferior people compared to the likes of say for example Pakistan. A British Genealogist and Historian said that the darker you are the inferior your brain is, the lighter you are the more superior and civilized/intelligent you are, so the point is can you really trust any political party in Bangladesh?...There hasn't been many professional successful people to come from Bangladesh compared to other nations such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan. In the UK for example there is a town where there are more Bengal's compared to other races/ethnicity but the most doctors, surgeon and lawyers are of Pakistan background.

    According to UN-based statistics and research the lighter skinned Asians and people generally tend to be more attractive to many people then darker skinned people. The lighter skinned people seem to have a better happy life and even excellent intimacy (sexual intercourse) then darker skinned people. This is according to surveys and research.

    It was conclude one of the main reasons why Bangladesh isnt advancing is because they are one of the most backward nations on Earth let alone Asia, and majority of white British educated people including non-white British educated people Bangladeshis are inferior, un-intelligent and naive, this is why the reason of Bangladesh being poor.

    Life is how you make it, so that goes the same for countries, country is how its people make it. Some Bengali girl said she would never ever date or marry a Bangli man, because she doesn't find her own guys attractive physically nor mentally, this is one of the reasons why Bangalis do not have any unity, not supporting your own people, not defending your own people. There are some gangs in Bengali areas od the UK but are street gangs, we British see that as very low class and inferior and embarrassing, because real gangs are armies, fighting poverty, wars, flying fight jets in the sky, having AK47s etc just like the white people indulge in...Bangladesh also doesnt have any nuclear weapons yet neighboring nations such as Pakistan, India and even Afghanistan soon will have nuclear weapons...

    For God sake Bangladesh didnt even let their own people from Myannamar/Burma in the country as refugees when they were being massacred by Buddhists, yet countries such as UK and Pakistan would even let in non-Pakistanis as refugees, you see its concepts like this that make politics unrealistic within Bengali society.

    Oh am not Bengali or a Muslim but white British trainee historian.

    Source(s): UN studies, political research, history, genealogy, geography and current affairs!
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  • siegel
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    3 years ago

    The Awami League I assume and want.. that is chief is former best Minister Sheik Hasina, daughter of Sheik Mujib, the daddy of Bangladeshi Independence. She is a former best Minister and her celebration is secular, socially modern,and a lot less wedded to US pastimes. on the different hand the BNP, is a Conservative, professional American islamic celebration. started Khalida Zia , that is candidate is the widow, of the final who led a coup to overthrow the Awami League authorities. She is a former best Minister, who's maximum in all probability a device of Pakistani pastimes . Her governments were fraught with corruption and repression. consequently in my view she and her celebration are illegitimate.that is ironic that the initials of her celebration BNP, are the same because the British nationwide celebration, a Fascist celebration interior the united kingdom.i'm very pleased that the Awami celebration gained. Sheikh Hasina to capacity !

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