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1.Tell us why you like it,or why you think it's special

2.Use the words and phrases we've learned(下面我有列出來)

@ (architect) (concrete) (pattern) (shape) (surroundings) (straight) (urban) (blend in)

(to look nature) (country) (city) (straight lines) (bright colors)

3. 3 minutes at most

這是我要口頭報告的 不要用太難的句子 文法盡量對

像是第二點的話,只要有用到幾個單字就行,剩下的可以用自己的單字 不必全用到

謝謝,希望在星期三之前給我 拜託拜託




拜託拜託 幫幫忙好嗎

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    I like the reasonably clean exterior and (probably)efficient use of space.I dislike the dull architectural design, cheap mosaicpattern exterior, full concrete construction, monotonic shape that seems unableto blend in with its environment. It alsodoes not have enough windows, sizes and quantities, for the residents to enjoythe environment. This suggests that thebuilding probably is in a noisy and dirty city neighborhood. Also, most windows are caged in implying thatthe neighborhood is unsafe.I also do not see any fire escapes and emergencyexits for fire fighters.


    This is an ugly and dangerous residential building. It looks depressing and unpleasant to live in there.

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