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求 A~~Z 的一篇簡單文章~


apple is good for health


b .......



這樣的兩人對話~!一直到z !


如果像是o 也可以說ohhhhhhh

e 也可以說 ehhhhh





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  • 7 years ago
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    Apple is good for health. Boys come here,please! Can you show me the way to the classroom? Doll is not the toy for a boy. Egg and milk are the good choice for breakfast. Follow me to the music room,children! George is one of my best friends. Hot weather is good days for swimming. Ice-cream is cool for hot summer. Jungle is the Paradise for animals. Key words of this secret is in the box. Lions are the king of the jungle. Money is very important for our life. Noone is permitted to enter this room. Orange is full of vitamin C. Please mind the door! Queen Elizabeth is a kind lady. Ring me up at seven o'clock, please! Sunday is the first day of a week.

    2012-11-11 18:47:48 補充:

    Three plus two are five.

    Unit 10 to 20 will be your English Exam.

    Very well, one more try!

    When will be your wedding?

    x-ray is a machine for the hospital.

    Yellow is a bright colour.

    Zoo is a good place for children.

    2012-11-11 20:00:00 補充:

    Is that you?My dear Brother Panda?!?

    What a nice work you have done!hahahaha

    2012-11-11 23:19:07 補充:

    Just trying

    Apple is good for health.

    But banana is much better.

    Cut a big pineapple to share

    Dear fans and big big Bear.

    Each kind of fruit are full of vitamin.

    Free to get in my fruits' farm

    Girls and boys are welcome here!

    2012-11-12 14:30:06 補充:

    Hey give me a hand

    Ivan and Keith

    Juice and food are ready there

    Hey give me a hand

    Ivan and Keith

    Juice and food are ready there

    Kids are waiting to join and share

    Lemon cake and

    Mango salad

    2012-11-12 14:30:58 補充:

    Naughty Kitty is coming along

    Oh she is wearing a banana skins' skirt

    Please hold on

    Quickly take a shot

    Really happy is so easy

    Sharing the fruits from the nature well

    Tears and sad please go away

    Uniforms are no need to wear

    Well well

    Xo xo

    2012-11-12 14:43:45 補充:


    Huh, 哇...真的超難耶!再沒靈感寫la, 我的劣作謹供參考,您再修改一下,希望能幫上丁點忙吧!^_^ 哈哈

    2012-11-12 14:54:07 補充:

    Why don't try to see around

    Your healthy is come from nature and fresh

    Zagging and turn around

    Source(s): 文字機械人 ^_^
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  • 7 years ago

    Apple is good for health

    But banana is even better

    Cut the bullcrap already

    Don't believe in everything you hear

    Egoo is the healthiest fruit out of them all


    Gotta ask you what on earth egoo is

    Heck if I know!

    Is someone bluffing here?

    Just messing with you

    2012-11-11 19:37:05 補充:

    Kevin you are such a clown

    Love you too Sally

    May you always be this funny!


    Oh by the way

    Please tell George I won't be going to the party tonight

    Quentin has asked me out on a date

    2012-11-11 19:44:04 補充:


    Stand up and think straight!

    To go out with that jerk is like committing suicide

    Utilize your intelligence will ya!

    Very funny Kevin

    Who would think the smartest girl in class could be so dumb!

    X you Kevin...thought we were friends!

    You have brought this upon yourself

    Zip it you jerk!

    2012-11-11 19:44:46 補充:

    Haha just messin' around

    2012-11-11 20:18:39 補充:

    No its not me...this is all a hallucination ;)

    2012-11-11 20:23:26 補充:

    And oh btw, if that picture is you, then I am in love :D

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  • 7 years ago

    Apple is good for health.

    Boys are interested in video games.

    Cats are lovely pets.

    Dogs are people's best friends.

    ET is a great movie.

    Fluency is important in speaking.

    Go for it!

    Happiness is the essential element in life.

    IP is the unique address for each computer.

    Jazz is my favorite type of music.

    King is the most powerful man in a country.

    Love can make your life colorful.

    Music is one of the best things in the world.

    No smoking!

    Oranges are not delicious but full of nutrition.

    Party in my house can be fun.

    Queen is the wife of king.

    Rabbits have two long ears.

    Soccer is the popular sport in the world.

    Teachers are respectable.

    UFO means Unidentified Flying Object.

    V represents Victory.

    Win-win is the best result in every single negotiation.

    Xerox is a brand name for copy machine.

    Yellow is the color of taxi in Taiwan,

    Zebras usually have black and white body.

    Source(s): me
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