Should I Start Watching Adventure Time?

So, Adventure Time has become pretty popular amongst my friends and teenagers/young adults in general. I have some spare time this weekend and upcoming week and I’m wondering if it’s worth getting myself into. I don’t typically watch cartoons because I tend to find them to be trying too hard, but from what I’ve learned about A.T. it looks interesting and funny. In your opinion, would it be worth watching? Also, where could I watch the episodes in order? Starting with season 1? Preferably for free, if anybody knows of a website. Thank you.

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    Adventure Time might looks all fun and random , but it is actually very deep and dark , it doesn't look like a kids show anymore ..... Most of the fans are usually adults LOL (true fact)

    It started to be a bunch of random adventures in the first few seasons , but it start to get strong on the plot and storyline in season 3 and 4 , now I'm waiting season 5 to be released in few days ! :D

    .....And , Adventure Time actually takes place after a nuclear armageddon , and Finn is the last human on earth . In season 5 , they might be explaining how the war started and wiped out almost entire humanity . Despite the dark and emotional background , the cheerful and fun graphic really attracts me .

    It's pretty interesting how it's all colourful on the outside but dark in the inside .

    And it's very funny too !

    So yes , you should watch it , here's the website to watch Adventure Time starting from season 1 to season 4 , and they will add season 5 too :

  • 7 years ago

    Definitely! It is awesome. The back story to it and everything is fascinating. The other answerer has covered everything really though. I wouldn't know where to suggest watching it, I downloaded them of a website I can't mention cus ya know laws and that haha

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