are cultures who totally oppress women equal to cultures in which women are dominant such as Denmark?

The Left promotes the idea all cultures are equal a biologist may say all trees are equal

If all cultures are equal why should some cultures be expected to finance other cultures if all cultures are just as equally capable what on earth does equality mean in a pratical sense is culture a prison for individual brought up in a sociey who want to be free but are not allowed because of that culture Is not the civilised cultivation of the individual so they are free to think what they like a better aim for humanity

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    There are no cultures that oppress women - women and men in those culture fit into the niches that nature most suits them for in a hostile environment. Men suffer more in those cultures than women ever did or will.

    How are women dominant in Denmark any more than they are anywhere else? Got a Queen? Whoopee!

    'cultures' - how is it that when it suits anti-Patriarchists or whatever they choose to call themselves - all social roles etc are anathema and are 'forced' on people - but when it suits they are totally acceptable?

    Why do such beings always seek to impose some concept that anyone needs 'dominant' people of either gender, and that somehow this is the only way any society will run? This way leads to the rule of the brutes and not the ruling types.

    "Only by pushing others down into the gutter can you raise yourself above it!" - what a commentary on Nazism and what a commentary on society and the fools in it.

    ILLUMINATION ROUND:- Just watching a prog on the great Icelandic volcanic eruption of 1783 that killed thousands in Europe. Shift to footage of more recent eruption, voice over:-

    "Men struggled to save their homes and their livelihoods!"

    - footage of lines of men with shovels struggling to remove heaps of hot ash from the streets and homes - not a woman in sight in 'equal' Iceland.

    (tap dances on the grave of feminist mythology about women in combat, Hunger Games fantasies etc)...

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  • 7 years ago

    Women are not dominant in Denmark

    Women earn up to 21% less than men for the same job.

    They represent a tiny percentage in top level positions

    They still do most of the work at home

    Women are still being fired for being pregnant/maternity leave

    Parties across the board (not just the left) in Denmark are working for equality.

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    7 years ago

    We are equal in the sense that all individual humans should be given the same opportunities to succeed in life and achieve what ever goals they wish to achieve.

    Where the equality disappears is when you observe how each individual uses those opportunities to achieve their dreams. This is where you will find the inequality of character/personality and the inequality of results. Not everyone has the same drive to achieve a similar goal.

    When leftists talk about equality, they simply want to be given certain achievements/rewards without putting in the effort necessary to gain those things. This is completely unfair to those who worked their butts off and sacrificed so much to get what they wanted in life

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