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my mom has diabetes, and sometimes she blacks out because her blood sugar is low. she checks her blood sugar, and also takes shots at work for her diabetes, however, she has told me that her blood sugar drops really fast, and also she has told me that sometimes she blacks out, and than just lays on the floor until my dad gets home from work and sometimes she doesn't know how she got there, and it scares me to death.

Is there anything out there that is made to wear like a watch or anything that will alert/beep if your blood sugar is very slow to be able to warn you in time? I love my mom so much and I worry about her so much!!


ps: she doesnt take insulin... she takes diabetes shots instead of all the pills, so she only takes a few pills and also shots

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  • Jonah
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    7 years ago
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    I'm a type 1 diabetic and I also have blood sugar that drops rapidly. I use a continuous glucose monitor and if I lived alone I would use a calling service. As it is, I have family check on me regularly. I have hallucinated and become delusional due to hypoglycemia four times in the last six years.

    There are four things I think might help your mother.

    1. Check blood sugar more frequently with her current meter, and tell her doctor when she's been low, to get doses adjusted or advice on when to eat more. The injectable non-insulin diabetes drugs may also make it harder to treat hypoglycemia- it might be better to switch to insulin. It's also possible that the doctor doesn't realize how low she's been and that if he did, he would decide that she should aim for somewhat higher blood sugars and would take her off of one or more of her medications.

    2. Get a continuous glucose monitor. Insurance companies are reluctant to cover these for type 2 diabetics (which is what your mother is) but if you can show that the person is having severe hypoglycemia requiring asssistance from another person, they will usually cover it, because they'd rather pay for a continuous glucose monitor than a hospitalization. In the US, there are two companies making CGMs. For those not using an insulin pump, the options are Minimed Guardian, and Dexcom G4. I have used both. They both alarm with low blood sugar and you set the threshhold. Dexcom, unfortunately, vibrates first and then alarms five minutes later, while Minimed will beep from the beginning. If you have to pay out of pocket, I still think it's worth it (I bought a Minimed Guardian and a Dexcom 7+ out of pocket myself). You can reuse sensors on both systems- just tell the machine that you have started a new sensor without changing it. Outside the US, there are other systems that may be available.

    Unfortunately, especially for people who have very rapid lows, the systems will miss some lows.

    3. You can get a calling service. They call every day at a certain time of day, and if you don't pick up, they call back in half an hour, and if you still don't pick up, they will either call another person or an ambulance.

    4. You can get and/or train a diabetes alert animal. Generally these are dogs, and they go everywhere with the person and alert the person if the person is too high or too low (some just alert for lows). They will prompt you to check your blood sugar when they smell that your blood sugar is off. Depending on the person or dog, they may be more or less accurate,- some are extremely good, better than monitors, and others are not. They can also be trained to call 911 if you get a phone that just requires the push of one button and you register with the emergency services so that they know that a phone call from your house and a bark on the other end means that they should send an ambulance.

    It may or may not be possible to totally eliminate your mother's extreme low blood sugar episodes without making her blood sugars too dangerously high, but it should be possible to reduce them to no more than one or two per year.

    Source(s): See Dexcom CGM http://dexcom.com/ See Minimed Guardian http://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/products/guardian... One of many diabetes alert dog services- this one says its only for people on insulin but I suspect you could convince them to reconsider because of great need: http://www.dogs4diabetics.com/ Unfortunately, it looks like the call center I was most famililar with has gone out of business. Here's another one. http://www.sentrytelecare.com
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  • Pamela
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    I have type 1 diabetes, i've been told if i get pregnant, it will be just like i have gestational diabetes, you should keep you BSL in the safe zone, just eat mainly low GI foods, like wholegrains, vegies, and some fruits, try not to eat too much citrus fruits, they are loaded with sugar, bananas are a good low gi fruit, also you can eat alot of "free" foods, foods that have no carbs or sugar, like all vegies (except for potato and corn, not sure about sweet potato though), 1 hand full of nuts, strawberries and other berries i've been old are free foods. For breakfast, try having oats, or muesli, don't have coco pops or some other high gi and high sugar food. If you BSL gets too high, then i would go to the hospital, has your doctor given you any insulin to take if your Blood Sugar Level gets too high? coz you should have some.

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  • 7 years ago

    The kind of machine you're thinking of is called a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), I don't know if ALL of them have an alarm for low blood sugars, but some definitely do.

    Your mom needs to go see her endocrinologist/diabetes nurse ASAP though. She needs to get her insulin dosage adjusted as this is a very dangerous trend to be in. To pass out even once from LBS is dangerous, but for this to be happening continuously is insane. Please, please tell her to call her Diabetes Management nurse/doctor/center and get an appointment right away.

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

  • Cookie
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    7 years ago

    she needs to talk to her doctor about this. sounds like she is taking insulin by rote rather than by grams of carb and glucose numbers!! I am on sliding scale for the instant insulin. my background or basal shot never varies, but the bolus or mealtime shot definitely does. I take one unit for each 30 grams of carb I am going to eat and for every 25 points above 100. That is my schedule!! It does not work the same for each and everyone!!

    have her to check what one unit does to about 30 grams of carb which is easy to judge!! 2 dumdum lollies is 30 grams of pure carb!! one unit of instant insulin may and may not counteract that! But if she is on one of those insulin blends, I cannot say what she should do other than maybe see an Endocrinologist.

    also eating every 3 to 4 hours keeps most of us off the floor!!

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