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What movie is this?????

I think its some kind of military movie with Ashton Kutcher (i think) i checked imdb and couldn't find it. But Ashton kutcher has this friend who is black and he was kinda fat and couldn't do his physical to get in whatever they were trying to get into for the military or so i think it was because they had the uniforms. So he didn't make it and so he jumped out a window to try and kill himself. There was also a black guy who was a cook now think of it it was the military because this black guy was a cook in the navy and was a boxer and the black guys were placing bets on him and he was fighting this huge guy and they were all black. i think it was Cuba Gooding Jr. that played him i could be wrong. thats all i can come up with and its not the Guardian. i know the parts i said about the movie were random but thats everything i can remember and my guess it was made somewhere in the earlier 2000's.

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    Annapolis starring James Franco (2006).

    Jake's roommates include Nance (Shannon) (nicknamed Twins because he is too overweight to complete the obstacle course), Loo (Fan), and Estrada (Calderon), who is being singled out by Whitaker because of his race.

    After an after-hours match with Burton, Huard swallows his pride and admits he needs help training, enlisting Ali and Burton for physical training, and Nance for academics and to gain enough weight to be in Cole's weight class. In his match with Loo, he endures some taunting and returns with a single-punch knockout, earning him Loo's respect and support, along with the rest of his class when he proves capable of performing academically. He progresses through the tournament and defeats Whitaker in the semifinals, leaving Huard and Cole for the final match.

    After Nance fails by just four seconds to successfully complete the obstacle course within five minutes, Cole informs Nance that he will be separated from the Academy. Nance attempts suicide, which prompts Jake to tackle Cole in anger. Expecting to be kicked out, Jake begins to pack up and leave, until Cole approaches him and informs him that he has requested more time from the disciplinary board in order to delay the hearing until after the final Brigades match

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    The Lords of Discipline (1983) It is not Austin Kutcher that did this movie but it was from another guy who did "An Officer and a Gentleman".

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