How would you decorate this layout?

I have no idea where to start with this layout, and I would really like some help on where to place my furniture. I'm trying to rent to own a group of furniture, but I need to know how I'm going to place it first. I'm not good at decorating.

The things I would like to see in this space:

-Either a Sofa and Love-seat group set

-Or a Sectional with a chaise

-One or two Whenever Tables for lamps

-Coffee Table

-Rug (I'd prefer circular)

-Square Table seated for 4

-(The only thing I am not getting rid of) 52 inch flat screen with a 5 foot stand

-And if there is room, I would also like a small desk for my dying laptop

But I'm clueless as how to arrange them to make them look good. I really don't want to cover the 5 foot window with anything because there is only one light in the whole room, a dinning room over hanging light, off the wall about 2 feet and between the kitchen door and the laundry room door, and the big patio door windows bring in great lighting that warms the place up very well.

I like a mix of contemporary and traditional, and as for the colors, the carpet is brown, the walls are white, except the very right wall which is dark brown, and I cannot paint or wallpaper over them or it will void my lease, but I'm happy with it because I was thinking browns and reds with a pop of earthy greens. I have photos that I would like to frame of brightly colored flowers and family portraits to hang on my walls, and a large steampunk style clock, for wall decorations. There are outlets on every wall so there would be no problem with electronics on any wall.

One more thing, my partner plays a lot of video games, so I don't really want to have the television too far away from the comfortable couches.

If anyone would like to help me with this, I would be very grateful. If you email me, I can send actual pictures. Best help get 10 points, but I wish I could give something better.

Here's a link to the picture:

Sorry the pictures is so small. My laptop's dimensions are only 1024x576. Thank you, so much!

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