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工作上需要 麻煩幫忙翻譯



請勿用google的翻譯 謝謝


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    All defective merchandise with original tags may be returned within three days of


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    Returns with original receipt:

    Merchandise may be returned for exchange or refund within 14 days of purchase with original tags and packaging. Exchange only after 14 days.

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    感謝 我住國外 所以剛好能幫的上忙

    Source(s): 國外收據上的正確用法
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    002 Grace, Very thorough and correct. Good job!!!!

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    "Things to buy back defective, label has, within three days back"

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    Please keep the label of the product. If it is out of order within three days, bring it back to us and we'll repair it for free (or give you a new one).

    你沒有說【拿回來】做什麼。所以我加了兩樣,免費修理"repair for free" 或 換一個新品 (or give you a new one). 您斟酌著使用吧。


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    版大如果是要隨貨附說明,那就使用 002 (直接仿照國外的用法)。

    如果你要 交談/信件 解釋,那就用我的比較像在說話,而且清楚。"returned" 通常是退貨還錢。但是實際狀況,可能是換一台新的,或者換等價商品之類。宜加註明。免生爭議。

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