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英文翻譯 ,請求高手幫忙 很急!!!


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    Nothing is impossible in the world, whether it is work or friendship or even love. Honestly, it is my first time loving an ‘imaginary’ person, you are the first person. I’ve dated a classmate but we finally broke up and I prove that ‘It mustn’t be a good thing meeting or dating one and other. Maybe you’ll think that one can’t love a person without seeing him/her. I think that love isn’t started by meeting each other but by the deep feeling from your heart. That’s why I tell you “I love you” honestly. Why do I love you? Because of your attractiveness, love is really abstract. There is always ways to do anything, including understanding me. Let me tell you a story. There is a couple, the boy is French and the girl is Taiwanese, they were in love because of twitter, they finally met each other and became boy-girl friends. This story tells me nothing is impossible! Loving a person is precious, I won’t give up since I started loving. Please tell me if you don’t want me to be fond of you.

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