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there is a guy in my spanish and history class. I don't know him super well or anything but we're classroom friends you know? so we usually get along but yesterday he said something kinda rude to this one girl and she was sad. so i told him he needed to say sorry....and little did he know her grandma died.

but then he wanted to copy my homework again which is whatever but it was so easy you just wrote down this page from the book so i said no and i didnt talk to him today. then i let him borrow it but he's upset and he won't talk to me....hes like "oh im not talking to her" and REFUSES TO TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW. it made me so upset i was just crying. because like...i feel bad but im upset. and i don't even know him that well. hes more popular than i am and hes kinda a slacker like just a tad but hes sweet. i dont think he likes me and i don't like like him

btw both sophmores

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    the guy is a clod. aren't there any nice boys you can obsess over?

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    I'm really not sure what the problem is here but he does sound like a selfish, rude idiot who is lazy and manipulative. If I were you I would steer clear of him and certainly don't share your homework with such a slacker.

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    anticipate him to hit you up, see if it variety of feels he needs you. do not kiss him till you're relationship, yet fairly you're actually not formally relationship except he asks you, and a guy will particularly take great factor approximately that. He could desire to be with yet another lady sometime and say you weren't relationship besides in case you found out, so which you would be able to desire to not get mad. it variety of seems such as you very not often see one yet another, so do not pass too rapid on something that needs to pass gradual. fairly, i would not date the guy till I had a customary "seeing time table" occuring. otherwise, this is in all probability to not graduate into something larger, or final long. it fairly is purely my theory on all of it yet I choose you the perfect and that i'm hoping this helped (: in case you particularly think of he's a sturdy guy, sturdy. purely carry out with him greater till now you attempt to start too plenty greater. it fairly is all I could desire to declare. sturdy success (:

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