Is there and organization dedicated to green energy management.?

For an argumentative essay I'm going to write here in a few weeks, I will propose the establishment of a green organization in order to help solve the current green energy crisis. This organization will break apart the different expenditures on the global energy use, such as energy going towards agricultural processes, energy going towards domestic uses, etc. From there, the organization will attempt to analyze and research the most efficient way to having that particular area use a majority of green energy. Is there any organization like this already in existence? Please state specifics and sources if you can. Thank you! :)


I do not go into specific details of the question because it is not required to find the answer, which is all that I want. It may seems that I am oversimplifying things, and I am. I did not want a 7 paragraph essay question.

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    Seems a little vague about pretty much everything. What exactly is the current green energy crisis?

    This reminds me of a debate in junior high. In a junior high debate, you have three speakers, the second speaker is supposed to propose a course of action, the third drives the conclusion home. Our topic were the seals and the seal hunt. The middle speaker is a position where you can place a weak speaker as the choices are always to be moderate, focus on legislation and rules not any real action that would have to be specific, our middle speaker of course was weak and asked what she should talk about, I said hunting license, quotas, just general controls and proceeded to work on the closing statements. She got up and said we should gather up all the seals across Canada and put a fence up around them. You could hear a pin drop as it's clear how stupid and juvenile it is to think that everything could just be wrapped up into one easily handled package. That's what you're doing trying to wrap up something you clearly don't understand as if it was a single issue that can be easily addressed by one entity. Who do you think makes the different expenditures? One person. one department, one company or organization or is it just every individual person in the entire world? Are all the electricity bills decided by one person or do you pay your own bill? You're being simplistic, naive, and shall we dare say, childish.

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