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Why do Reps want a do nothing Fed gov. that just collects tax's and leeches off the every day people?

The Government sure takes a bite out of our pay roll tax and many of us owe more at the end of the tax year .

Plus the Federal and state governments tax almost every purchase we make .

What - are we - renting this country from the Federal government ?

I mean what do we really get in return for our hard earned tax money ?

The military is being replaced by very expensive No bid Contractors like Halliburton and Black Water.

And we really do not need to have troops all over the freaking world .


There is in my state

And property tax a well .

Update 2:

There is no welfare for the poor

Update 3:

There hasn't been since 1998

Update 4:

By Dan Froomkin Staff

Updated July 23, 1998

Welfare as we knew it no longer exists.

The 61-year American tradition of guaranteeing cash assistance to the poor came to an end with the signing of legislation in August 1996.

Under the old system, founded during the Great Depression, the federal government provided fairly uniform benefits to the nation's poor – mostly mothers and children – without regard to the details of their personal circumstances, and with no time limit.

But over time, the system became increasingly unpopular. Political opinion turned against the idea of anyone getting rewarded for being idle. Social critics said welfare was responsible for a permanent underclass of people living off government checks because the incentives to go to work were so weak.

Now, a federal system that was once fairly consistent has been turned over to the states, where programs are diverging widely. And it is far from clear whether the poor will be better or worse

Update 5:

I am so Libertarian in that way I do not think we even need a Federal Government or their military

State Militia are good enough for me .

Either the Federal Government can give something back or seize to exist as far as I am concerned

Update 6:

I would say move out here to the south West Foghorn but there is NO welfare for the poor here .

It is cheaper to live here though.

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    Don't forget property taxes mine are more than 14 thousand per year. If you include water and sewer which is another tax then its more like 16 thousand. Now that we are forced to buy insurance God only knows that its going to be much higher.

    I'll be honest with you. I am thinking of selling my property and going on welfare because a person can't make a buck in this country anymore. I'm not lazy at all its just that everything I do I get taxed harder on it than I can make a buck on it. It sucks to be part of the middle class.

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    I'm not a Republican, I'm a small government conservative libertarian, though.

    I don't want the Federal government doing much of anything or leeching off of us. I want the income tax eliminated and spending drawn back on most of what we do. And, only have a national sales tax. With the national sales tax, we can spend money on our military, and the States and local governments, with their State sales tax, can spend money on the police force and the courts, and that's pretty much all this government needs to do for us. Everything else can be done by the private sector.

    EDIT: And in case someone asks, yes, that is eliminating all welfare infrastructure, and medicare and Social Security for future generations (people who are already on it deserve money, they paid into it). That should all be up to the private structure.

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    There is no federal sales tax. Not yet anyway. I am surprised to hear you talk this way. Libbies are big proponents of the vat and you are about the biggest proponent of everything libbie that I have ever seen on here

    I will be very interested to hear your reaction come January when your party that is oh so pro middle class raises your taxes

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    Cons are racist, sexist, homophobic inbred bigots. They don't care about anything but White Power. A strong federal government does not allow White Power to take hold. That's why cons don't like the government.

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    No no, 47 million on welfare programs, raise the tax on the wealthy...your liberal thinking has confused even you! Thats you and obama!

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    the rich must have tax breaks the rest of america can pay tax increases...and labor services for the rich......romney 2012

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