Is is safe to play on full tilt poker again?

I just got an email that full tilt has reopened after being bought by poker stars. Apparently, the feds will allow us to play for real money, at least that's what the email says. How accurate is this? Will I face issues when trying to cash out?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes perfectly safe. Full tilt is now owned and controlled by Poker Stars the best and biggest poker site on the internet. When the whole online poker fiasco happened Poker Stars quickly paid its players back because it had a large surplus of earnings to cover money seized by the US government. They have since reached an agreement with Department of Justice and players on Full Tilt are being reimbursed by Poker Stars who bought the site.

    They are as legitimate as any online poker site comes and now Full Tilt is too. The only reason Full Tilt was shady was because it was previously being run by a bunch of scammers who dipped into player funds to pay themselves. When the DOJ shut down their site they did not have enough funds to pay everyone back. Poker Stars came to the rescue and bought Full Tilt and assumed their debt. I am 100% confident Poker Stars will run Full Tilt properly and will never dip into player funds. Especially because it has a single owner who is a billionaire. Unlike Full Tilt who previously had many owners who were greedy and paid themselves huge salaries at the players expense.

    Go ahead cash money on their is nothing to worry about your money is safe as long as you are not a U.S resident. Online poker is still illegal in the United States. Good Luck at the tables.

  • 5 years ago

    I been taking part in online poker for a couple of years now and have performed on the majority of them and have determined Absolute Poker to be my favourite amongst the greater web sites. Flaws corresponding to showing tables as open when they're full happens with all websites as normally the updating is a little sluggish, however either approach this an age ancient argument about which is healthier, when it correctly simply comes doen to the place you are secure at. How much are you able to win? Well now that depends upon how excellent of a poker participant you are! In case you are continually playing for a bonus at least you should be in a position to interrupt although you lose, and i fyou play smash even poker then you will come out forward based on the amount of bonus.

  • 8 years ago

    It is absolutely not within the US borders. You are not allowed to gamble online, according to Unlawful internet gambling enforcement act 2006. that is the act that made many online poker clubs got closed or seized or cited by the FBI, and numerous US players haven't got their deposits or wins back yet.

    Whoever tells you it is legal because there is not a clear law, is either unaware of the law and sytem or just don't wants to admit it. Just go ahead and search for "Poker black Friday" or "Chad Eli" in Google to find what I'm talking about.

    In the other hand, there are some sweepstakes method Poker websites that offer you free entry in to play in tournaments with cash prizes, which is more acceptable and lawful in the eye of uncle Sam.

    You can check out to see a demo of this idea,

    However, if you remain patient, and hopefully if you are from an open minded state like NY, CA, FL, NV, then there is a very high chance to see real online poker networks running under gov license in 2013. Not quite sure that FTP might be one of them.

  • 8 years ago

    Not in the US you can't...

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