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Hi , iwould like to know if anyone knows if once upon a child would take my brand name baby clothes ?

the brands are polo , h&m , childrens place , carters ect . . . oh & ihave a brand new bouncer that he used once & a swing he used twice how much money do you think iwould get ? thank you for the answers (:

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    Yes they will accept it and it varies on stores! I personally would rather donate it or sell it to a friend or something because at my Once Upon A Child, they don't give you sh*t for it! I had a friend that bought a brand new stroller from Babies R Us for like 200 dollars, went to sell it to OUAC and they wanted to only give her like 20 bucks!!!! SCREW THAT!

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    I tried to promote my sons garments to as soon as upon a little one they usually didnt take much.. If it has a stain or something they wont receive it and more often than not they refuse clothing on the grounds that they have got too much or they only dont sell it. When they do take delivery of it they want "not often used" plus they gve you about 30 cents or so (definetly not what i was once anticipating). I'd advise donating garments to good will or Thirft retailers.. You could also be competent to go to shelters and donate garments.

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