Is there anything out there that knows this one man: Larry Martin?

Is there anything out there that knows this one man: Larry Martin

Crystal & Co. Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public

53 Davies Street

London W1K 5JH

United Kingdom.

email adres:


If anyone knows anything about him being so kind to contact me and give instant message. Pls this is very urgent - I want to help for my friend whois subjected to a large fraud, dont think this is a real lawyer

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  • rtfm
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    7 years ago
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    Real lawyers don't use free Web-based email addresses.

    All you need to do is show your friend that a search for "Crystal & Co. Barristers" turns up absolutely NOTHING. There is NO SUCH FIRM.

  • 7 years ago

    First of all, that is not a UK business phone number. it's a mobile number. If it were an office number in London the phone number would start with +44 203, 207 or 208

    Second, a lawyer would usually be using a domain from his firm, not a free Yahoo email

    Third, the address they give is that of a law firm called Keystone, not Crystal

    I cannot find any other legal firms at that address

    Fourth, the UK Bar Council has no listing for a Barrister named Larry Martin

    so either he's not a barrister or he's using a fake name

    Fifth, the only company in the UK I can find with the name Crystal & Co is a real estate agent in Isleworth

    You need to call Action Fraud if you are in the UK or the FBI if you are in the US or whichever law enforcement agency in your country investigates internet crime if you know a scam is in progress

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