How does satisfactory academic progress work?

I'm kind of worried right now because I was doing some research about financial aid and I found this policy. Basically I failed my first semester of college and now I'm enrolling into culinary school for next fall and I will definitely need financial aid. While I was in community college I didn't have help with financial aid, but now that I'm about to apply to culinary school I will need it. I was wondering how this policy works, will my past semester in college affect my financial aid? will they not help me financially now because of my past? or does this policy only affect me when I get into the school? please help!!


just remember that i never previously got help from financial aid, i just need it for the fall of 2013

Update 2:

also to get into the school all you need is to be 17+ and have a highschool diploma, there is no gpa minimum requirement. I dont know if thats going to help with your answers or not...

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    each school set their own SAP policy

    previous use of Fin Aid has nothing to do with FAFSA eligibility criteria

    1) 2.0 GPA on all attempted college classes

    2) 67% completed & passing on all attempted college class credits

    3) meet SAP goals at the school

    The culinary school might or might not take into account the failed credits

    you will have to talk with the school's admissions & financial aid office to find out their policy & what to expect

    EDIT TO ADD: Admissions criteria is not relevant to Financial Aid eligibility

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    see you later as you haven't been suspended you may attraction your probation and a good style of the time they could help you bypass ahead and get've gotten to fill out a kind and answer questions like why you'll do better in college this time..why did you do so undesirable very last time, and so on. because you've had 2 sem of high quality grades, that ought to really help plenty.. frequently on probation you should bypass a minimum of any such vast quantity of of your instructions the subsequent sem with passing grades to save from suspension. I were on probation maximum of my college occupation ..

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