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My pug had a stroke and a seizure?

My pug is 8 years old. A few nights ago he had a stroke (mini-stroke of a sort, he couldn't move his back legs, was swaying, and eventually collapsed on the floor) but was fine in the morning. Last night, he had a seizure (again, he's a dog, but he was shaking crazily, not frothing, but was literally shaking very fast for about 15 minutes). These both only happened at about midnight. My parents don't think we should take him to the vet. What do I do? What is wrong with him? Is it ODV?

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    Your parents should not own a pet. This dog needs to go to the vet. You know, in some places it is ILLEGAL to own a pet and not get them the treatment that they need.

    The most common thing (for the seizure) could be epilepsy, which must be treated. If you do not treat it, the dog is going to die. Yes, die. I had a collie who had epilepsy. We tried every medication out there, nothing worked for him. So he was essentially untreated. He hit is head and killed himself.

    There is probably something neurologically wrong with the dog. Leaving it untreated could make the condition worse.

    This dog needs to go to the vet. If they won't take him, then you need to find him a new home with people who will take care of him.

    Ask you parents this "If I had a stroke and a seizure, would you take me to the hospital?". There is there answer. Animals needs medical care just as much as humans do. This is a commitment you make when you own an animal.

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