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Now that he is in hell, do you think Steve Jobs regrets his decision to exploit poor Chinese workers?

Poor people were forced to work impossible hours, were yelled at, beaten, and abused. They were pushed beyond the limits of exhaustion 15+ hours per day and were paid a "whopping" $200/month!

Steve Jobs WAS a billionaire, and he made his fortune on the backs and tears of poor Chinese workers. He could have EASILY afforded to pay them a decent wage. Or, another radical idea: HIRE AMERICANS!!!!!

But NO!! Why should he, if he can easily get away with it??? The world doesn't owe anything to these poor Chinese workers, and if they don't like it, thousands are willing to take their place!!! WHY PAY MORE???

He has spent over a year in hell. Do you think he regrets his decision to exploit people like that? BETTER YET, do you think he regrets his decision to practice Buddhism and reject Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, as the one and only one who can save a mortal soul from eternal damnation?


"um I think you need a puppy"

No, but what I do need is a bong.

Update 2:

"Someone's angry that they can't afford an iPad"

I can, I simply do not see the point in one. I have a cell phone, iPod touch, and 2 computers (1 laptop, 1 desktop).

P.S. Guess I'm part of the problem, but a very very insignificant part.

Update 3:

"BTW, how are those clothes you're wearing? And your shoes? And most of the crap you have around your stuff?"

I don't care where they're made. Know who does? The CEOs of companies.

Hire Americans, become a millionaire.

Hire Chinese, become a BILLIONAIRE!!!

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    I wonder how much money those Chinese workers were making before Steve Jobs came along. Were their working conditions better or worse? Did they have to take a cut in income to assemble stuff for Apple?

    Jobs made his fortune "on the backs" of those workers. So I guess that also applies to Dole making a fortune on the backs of their employees, Ford, Sears, Neiman-Marcus, HM, Payless shoes, Walgreens, McDonalds, Jet blue, Proctor & Gamble, etc etc. Of course business owners make money "off the backs" of those employed - that's HOW those employed get paid.

    I guess I don't really understand your rant - you sound like a southern Baptist in your approach so it's hard to discern really what your question really is.

    ps. Unless you are God - you do not know what Jobs was or was not at the moment of his death so you don't know where he is. Just saying.

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    Someone's angry that they can't afford an iPad . . .

    BTW, how are those clothes you're wearing? And your shoes? And most of the crap you have around your stuff?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Steve jobs isn't in hell...he clearly had enough money to bribe his way into Christian heaven

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    um I think you need a puppy

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    7 years ago

    The same product that many liberal hippies use. Ironic isn't it?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


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