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Considering babysitting normal rates?


Currently i stay home and watch my nephew who is 2 1/2. My sister does pay me because i had to quit my job to help her out. I get $200 every 2 weeks regardless of how many days i watch him. I think this is a pretty good deal i usually watch him 4 days a week from 6am-4:30pm. Since i am almost due to have my first baby here in January. Me and my boyfriend are going to be moving out of our tiny apartment and into a decent sized mobile home. (No not a jank park. I'm not going to be trailer park trash.) Since we will be having alot more room i was thinking to help pay the bills and so i could continue staying home i would take on another child. We will have a spare room for all the toys and what not.

My only issue is i'm not sure what i should be charging people.(live in Iowa if this Is relevant) I'm not planning on charging 200-250 i hear most people charge a week!(sounds ridiculous to me). But i'm not sure if i should be as lenient on them as i think i am on my sister i do need to make a living to and the bills are going to be 3x what they are for us right now. I just want to know what the basic weekly rate you would pay. I am not planning on getting state certified since i only want one or two more kids, but plan on taking infant-child CPR classes so i am prepared for the worst.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    A babysitter is someone who watches a child once in awhile. You are working 4 days a week from 6:00- 4:30. This is more in the lines of a nanny job. In Iowa the rate for this would be about $10/hour. If You have experience this rate goes up.

    The rates you are listing would be more reasonable for a daycare. A person can make a living when they are able to bring on more children. If you are a nanny you must(by law) be paid min. wage per hour. You should be paying in taxes and the person hiring needs to do their part. It is great that you are helping out family. If you find another child to watch, they should be paying you a LEGAL wage and any overtimes pay for hours over 40.

    Source(s): me.. former live in governess and live out nanny from IA
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  • 4 years ago

    It is dependent upon what you do for the youngsters. Off permitting them to pay you what they want. Some offers you $10/hr for 2-3 kids or perhaps $5-7. Nevertheless! For those who select up after them, tidy up the house more commonly, and PLAY with the children as a substitute of parking it in entrance of the tv or on the telephone, they will generously tip you with cash or giftcards and offer you further employment. For those who ought to provide them a cost, $3/hr base expense adding $2/hr/kid. Therefore, $5/hr for 1 kid, $7/hr for 2, etc and many others (this is if you're of legal working age) don't charge them extra b/c there kids are rowdy. They may offer you extra should you deserve it. Allow them to offer you $20 on a Friday night if you are looking at three kids for a number of hours.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Check on for "child care" in your area. I saw one person in Des Moines charging 6.50 - 3.00 per hour (higher rates for younger ages). Also check what any local child daycares in your area are charging - you should charge less than they do to be competitive.

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