If I just moved to Norristown,Pa, and I work in Plymouth Meeting,PA which taxes do I pay?

I looked at my paycheck and it says ''Plymouth Twp Income Tax'', My employer also gave me a Residency Certification Form which I still have to fill out.

Isn't all the taxes taken out of my paycheck or is that what the Residency form is? I thought that you only had to pay for the town you worked in. Please explain in simple form, I am really new at this sadly.

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  • Judy
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    8 years ago
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    They should be taking out wage tax for Norristown if you actually live within the city, not outside city limits in the township. Your local earned income tax goes to where you live, although your job will deduct it. That's what the residency form is for.

    There is probably an emergency services tax you'll pay to where you work. That's a flat amount per year, often $52.

  • tro
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    8 years ago

    besides the federal and state employee taxes ie. FICA

    and income taxes to the fed and state, local communities have additional residency taxes which will apply to the location of your residence

    if you work for an employer in Plymouth they likely are withholding for that township unless you can prove you don't live in that township

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