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May you translate this Latin paragraph please ? No google translate, Latin knowledge only?

Itaque multos dies Graeci sine impedimento et sine cura navigaverunt. Uno amico vento acti sunt, reliquis ligatis. Iam Ithacam clare cernunt. Sed nautae de sacco cura affecti sunt quod de ventis qui in sacco erant nihil audiverant. "Praemia et pecunia in sacco sunt," nauta dixit. "Rex Ulixes nautis qui mala sustinuerunt pecuniam dare debet." Itaque, sacco aperto, venti expediti Graecos ad regnum Aeoli redegerunt. Sed non iam Aeolus auxilium dat. Unam navem Graeci nunc habent, reliquis amissis.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since this appears to be a school assignment, you need to translate it by yourself. Your teacher does not want to know how the people who answer questions at Google Translate would translate it. He/She wants to know how YOU would translate it.

    If you submit someone else's work as your own, that's cheating. Bad idea.

    If this is not a school assignment and you'd like help translating, the first step is to post your sincere attempt at a translation. Then others may be willing to help you to learn what you need to to know to translate accurately.

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