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Seriously, How can Japan deny Nanjing Massacre and say it is just China's imagination...?

i'm not even Chinese but i think it just doesn't make any sense.

it is like Germany is saying there wasn't Nazi's.

*at least* Germany admits and acknowledges its past crimes so that's why neighboring countries are having no problems with Germany, but Japan is still hated by all of its neighbors. think about why.

most of their politicians including Ishihara is still saying like that and this year a mayor of Nagoya said it again.

***please think about the is NOT a small number, many Chinese lost their whole family only because of Japan, the number of victims was over 20million(at least). if you're going to say something like 'China killed its own people', then it doesn't make sense, Japan is another country when Chinese can forgive China's fault more generously.

that's why Japan is going through a nuclear disaster, which is said to be already worse than Chernobyl.

Why can't Japan just accept the fact that it was committed by Japan??? Japan should realize that now Japan has become not that powerful compared to a few decades ago, both China and Korea got powerful in every field too.


***because it's wrong??? Your answer is the worst one i have ever seen. Just go away.

Update 2:

***Raina_ : at least Germany is better than Japan in dealing with their past-crimes, that's why Germany is respected in Europe but Japan is still hated by Korea, China, Russia etc, think about why.

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    The author of "Empire of the Sun" (which would become a Steven Spielberg directed movie), J. G. Ballard, who spent his youth growing up in a concentration camp in Japanese-occupied Shanghai in WWII, has an interesting theory.

    He believes the Japanese see themselves as the victims, rather than the aggressors of WWII. The atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are on such a devastating, and crushing scale, and the western world's subsequent guilt and apology for the bombings, made some Japanese feel they were bullied by the west, and this sentiment completely shadowed their guilt of invading Asia.

    Plus, when Allied troops invaded Germany, they force-marched unknowing German civilians pass the extermination camps, and mass graves, the concrete proof is indisputable, and Germany, immediately, had to recognise the terror they unknowingly inflicted upon the world.

    There was no such thing in Japan.

    As a matter of fact, MacArthur actually let off countless Japanese war criminals, as a deal to receive their military intel and experimental weaponry research, most infamous of which are Unit 731, who did inhumane weapon testing on LIVE, Chinese civilians, amongst other torture games, and of course, the full pardon granted to the entire Imperial family, including Price Asaka, who presided over the Nanking Massacre.

    Europeans and Americans know much more about the Holocaust simply because it occurred closer to them, while the Far East, still remained a distant land, with distant, "unrelated" incidents.

    HOWEVER, may I just point out not everybody in Japan are right-wing extremists. The actions and stupidity of a few today should not, in any way, reflect on an entire nation. Perhaps the severity of Japanese action in WWII should be stressed, but I can't comment on that, because I can't claim to know the Japanese education system.

    All I know is the past should be treated with care and respect it deserves, else history will continue to repeat itself.

    • So basically he's saying that the Japanese are delusional and cannot see the reality of their actions.

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    It has long been a theory of mine that 20% of the people you poll on any question will agree with any proposition, no matter how blatantly idiotic. The Holocaust didn't happen. Barack Obama isn't really an American citizen. The American civil war was about tariffs. Earth was created six thousand years ago. Rape can't produce pregnancy Any of it.

    Ishihara is a nutter through and through. Post-menopausal women should kill themselves, forests eat children and should be chopped down, and the tsunami was divine punishment on Japan for materialism. There are not in fact a lot of Japanese politicians nutty enough to actually say that Nanjing is a hoax.

    However, in Japan the first rule of Shame Club is that you do not talk about Shame Club. The misbehavior of one's ancestors is not to be spoken of. So the only voices that speak out on the subject are a small minority of nutters.

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    Because the Japanese, as a nation, have an unlimited capacity for denial. If someone in authority in Japan says it didn't happen, it didn't happen. The rape of Nanking is a particularly good example; the Japanese boasted about it, covered it in official, government approved newspapers, yet today, flatly deny that it happened. A case in point: two Japanese officers decided to engage in a contest to see which of them could decapitate the most Chinese in a specific period; official Japanese newspapers carried the totals each day on their front pages, like a box-score for a baseball game.

    Source(s): The Rape of Nanking; Iris Chang.
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    China, as well as being invaded by Japan was in the midst of a civil war between the nationalists and the communists. The place was a slaughterhouse and people are happy leaving it at that.

    • No we aren't. This "slaughterhouse" happened due to Japan's discriminating hate towards China, and that's just pure evil and wrong.

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    Stalin once said one death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic"

    Japan dont want to admit it because it´s wrong. they think it cant possibly happen and all Japanese are good.

    but it did happen rather Japan want to realise it or not. they wiill realise it.

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    Just in point of fact... So many Germans DID deny the Holocaust for decades, that the German government finally had to criminalize denying it.

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    Raina go to hell you idiot. That is not even why he ask the question and you have to say it like a brat. If it was your people then why you think we killed you, because you act like a shithead.

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