Why does the GOP hate Obama so much ?

are they just racist or what ? they said they were determined to make obama a one term president.

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  • 7 years ago
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    He's half black.

    That was just enough black to despise him.

  • 7 years ago

    Not all, in the GOP, hate Obama... Remember retired General Colin Powell ? There are some moderate Republicans, that's worried, because the Republican control, has been taken over, by what we use to call... The old southern Democrats, & Dixiecrats... The take over well under way, after the old Dixiecrat Reagan, was elected, & all of the, what was called then... The Reagan Democrats, went Republican...

    After Reagan, there was no longer, such a thing, as the old southern Democrats, & Dixiecrats... They were all,,, what we call now, hard right... Or Neo-Cons, or Tea Party.... The hard right,, still truly believe, the harder right you go... The more apt, the majority, will follow along... That, or suppress the vote, so the voting majority, will support the hard right...

  • Ingrid
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    7 years ago

    It is Racism - how dare a not all white Man be so smart and be in the White House.

    Well, WE THE PEOPLE have spoken loud and clear and will do so from now on.

    If we keep looking out for what is best for us and in turn for our Country, it is WE who will get

    the Nation back on sound ground.

    Big business has shipped our jobs abroad, let us work on starting new businesses which are owned by

    WE THE PEOPLE and can never be taken away again.

    One way to achieve that is ALL OF US JOINING a Union and building Manufacturing Facilities which

    will belong to the workers and can never again be destroyed by Hedge Fund Managers.

    The GOP hates President Obama so much because his Heart is with WE THE PEOPLE and he embraces all of us and not just the very rich.

  • 7 years ago

    No it is not racism, and using that is more than foolish. He is totally opposed to the business model that the republican party established a long time ago and has followed for at least the last 50 years. I really wish people would get past the race thing,,There are other reasons to disapprove of this President and anyone who has to use the race card against opponents do not understand the DEMOCRATIC process that this country was founded on.

    It is not about "HATE" it is about wanting more for their children and wanting a middle class back.

    Source(s): Degrees in Political Science & Cultural Anthropology; was a Democrat over 40 years and became a Libertarian 4 years ago, do not and will never support someone with no experience for the office they hold and am as Black as he is.
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  • 7 years ago

    Obama isn't black. He just has bad economic principles. You can't spend money you don't have. He lacks the leadership to get Republicans and Democrats to work together.

  • 7 years ago

    i have voted conservative/republican my entire adult life.

    am i racist for declining to vote for a democrat?

    stop seeing absolutely everything in life through a color lens.

    pretend Obama is white as the driven snow. NOW take a look at his policies and promises and the appalling handling of our economic crisis.

  • 7 years ago

    Still going on with this racist crap?

    Let's see. Reasons to hate Obama:

    1. His economic policies have failed. We've had over 8% unemployment for virtually his entire presidency.

    2. Massive deficits each and every year of his presidency, ranging from $1.2 to $1.5 Trillion.

    3. He's pushing for more and more gov't power over our lives, while also pushing more and more dependence on gov't.

    If you noticed, nowhere in the above reasons was skin color mentioned.

  • Because he is a Democrat with the politics of center left working for all the nation. The GOP want the White House to work only for them and no one else. To the GOP, everybody else does not matter, so the White House should not be spending time, money, and energy on them to help them but use it instead to hurt them for the GOP benefit. I know you think I am full of it but then explain to me: how is it helping young voter by making it harder to register and get to the voting booth, why should women earn over a fourth less then men, why the hell is it better for the poor and working poor, struggling just to hold on, to have the government burn the economic ladder and shred the safety net and let our nation rot just so a few rich guys could have bigger profit margin for themselves, and it is just for themselves.

  • 7 years ago

    Despite what Obama tells you, Obama lies. Entire websites have been dedicated to his lies. Try looking them up.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I dont hate him I just think he is very BAD for our country! Here is what I got on my email yesterday and I agree with all of it.

    We know that the Romney supporters are truly discouraged today and in awe of the true situation of our nation. Obama won yesterday by promising free things to uneducated special interest groups. He is the king of alldeceivers and the best campaigner of our time. The media says we must be happy with his track record because we reelectedhim but we know this is not true. Did WE really elect this man or were large groups of very uneducated people targeted and given false promises?People are not any better off than they were 4 years ago. We must not give up as a country but there are things we can do to control this situation. We MUST hold all those accountable for the results of the election (the media and also uneducated special interest groups who are now running our country).We feel that everyone has given up and in doing so allowed this anti-American president to get relected. We let this happen so now we must fight. Please pass this email along to everyone you know and do the following if you want the future of the country to go back in the direction of the principles it was founded on. We must take this into our own hands now or our country is gone forever as we know it :

    1.If you know of ANY Latino that is illegal in this country (even if they work for you personally), report them. Get them shipped back. They were a HUGE factor in the turn out of the election yesterday. This is the best "revenge" as Obama said in his famous speech several days ago. And definitely do NOT hire them knowing they are not legal. We cannot prove it but feel strongly that many illegal latino/mexicans were allowed to vote yesterday.

    2.If you did vote against Obama you have earned your right to exercise your freedom of speech when given the chance, it is okay to be mad. Do not just roll over and let this election “just be okay” with you. It will NOT be okay and action needs to be taken. Do this through any outlet you can, Facebook, twitter….get the word out!

    3.Do NOT watch any primetime channels that lean left (which is mainly all of them). This will take a lot of willpower as a lot of people love their “shows” but by giving them ratings we are feeding the media monster that drove this election and covered up important information (like the Libya cover-up).

    4.Do not buy or rent music, movies, or books from ANY left leaning celebrity that supported Obama. Yes, this includes Oprah. Don’t feed the monster. Let them feel the financial pain for once. Again, this will take a lot of willpower as we all love our entertainment but we would rather have our country back than a world of idolized reality shows and overexposed celebrities. We have to remember what is important right now and take this very seriously.

    5.Write/email your congressman/senator. Tell them how unhappy you are. The louder the voices get the more they will listen. Tell them we don’t want Obama care. We don’t want higher taxes. We don’t want a higher debt ceiling. We don’t want a devalued dollar. We don’t want an unprotected nation against terrorism.We don’t want a godless nation. Tell them as often as you can!

    If you are like many of us today and feel strongly that things need to change, email this to everyone/anyone who will listen and do something. We need change but it will NOT come from our government as it stands in gridlock. We need more voices. We need the voice of America to stand up and scream “we want our country back!”.

  • 7 years ago

    It's not complicated, my friend... We HATE what Obama is trying to do to this country! He's trying to turn us into the EU... No thanks! We will resist that effort to the bitter end.

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