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Who did you want to win the Election and why?

1.) Who did you want to win, Obama or Romney?

2.) Why did you want them to win?

3.) What do you think America will be like in 2016?

4.) Would you consider this election "one of the most important elections in American history"?

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    2) first off, Obama had his chance and failed to do something majorly productive with it. He ended the war in Iraq? Not necessarily. He hasn't even pulled the troops out like he said he would. Now regarding the economy; he has no clue what he's doing. If we want the economy to get better, tax cuts are the way to do it, not by a stimulus package! Are you kidding me??? More money in circulation ultimately means that the value of the U.S. dollar will decrease dramatically. This would in turn create an utter destruction of our economy. Tax cuts will keep the money in the hands of the consumers. This means people will buy things! And what happens when people buy things?? Increased demands in various products! What happens when there is a higher demand for different products?? MORE JOBS!!!! Crazy, right?! Another reason why I don't support Obama is because he is also clueless in regards to international affairs. He completely blew off a leader for one of the most powerful nations in the world in Israel. Israel is the last country that we would want to anger. Since WWIII is right around the corner, Israel, who btw has the most dominant and powerful military in the world, is who we need to have as an ally if we want to come out victorious. Obama is definitely leaning towards Israel's bad sad. After Obama was elected, he made a trip to the Middle East, visiting Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt among other countries apologizing to them for various reasons. One country he did not visit however, was Israel. That was a big mistake. I also am not a fan of his socialist views. It's not that I agree with Romney on a lot of things, it's that I disagree with Obama on nearly everything. I am pro-life and believe that abortion is wrong. Plus I am also against same sex marriage. In turn, I believe Romney was the lesser of two evils.

    3) it's tough to say what the U.S will be like in 2016, but I can honestly say that I believe we will be in worse shape than we are now. And if not, then kudos Mr. Obama, you did a good job and proved me wrong.

    4) all elections are important

    Source(s): Hours upon hours of research from liberal, socialist, and conservative sources. I am a political science and a criminal justice major.
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    1. Not Romney, so by default Obama.

    2. Because Romney's money grab put our economy in shambles and his social and economic policies would work, but not for middle class Americans.

    3. It will be a recovering economy, hopefully with more jobs by the time I get out of college.

    4. No

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    1. Obama.

    2. Obama's solutions to our economic problems -- a combination of spending cuts and tax increases -- seems to me the only sensible solution. Essentially, Obama is proposing to do what Bill Clinton did, and Clinton produced a great economy. Romney's proposal -- more tax cuts -- sounds like it'll make our problems worse.

    3. Similar to today, but with much lower unemployment and much lower yearly deficits.

    4. Well, one of the most important of the last 50 years. When we elected Bush, we discovered just how badly a President can do -- misleading us into war, while cutting taxes without cutting spending. I believe we just avoided another Bush sized error.


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  • 7 years ago

    1) Obama

    2) The GOP is too closely aligned with the christian taliban. This is NOT a theocracy.

    3) Further along the road to recovery.

    4) Hard to judge... they're ALL important.

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