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英文文章翻譯 英翻中(急)


謝謝!!!! 最好能親自翻,不要用google,如果有比較準確好用翻譯網站也可以請給我網址。















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    How can I eat to get nutrition? well ... Let me tell you something!

    Because I am Petite, from small time poor resistance, easy to catch a cold or flu, so family is to watch my diet. Food with higher nutritional value, can help children grow taller grow strong, so his mother prepared I like milk, beef, and fish with me. Make me taller, complement proteins, be clever.

    Although I don't like mushrooms, garlic and jujube, but these foods can increase the resistance, so I still have to eat, these delicious dairy products, yogurt, or you can let us not subject to virus infestation!

    Also, my favorite fruit! so mum often buy delicious fruits that I eat.

    Like is to increase the resistance of tomato, guava, oranges, lemons, etc..

    As a child my mother used to say, don't eat the junk food of nutrition.

    So I rarely eat at McDonald's or KFC this fast-food restaurant, just because MOM said, eating is very bad for our health! which contains too many preservatives, high-salt, high-calorie and adding lots of food additives.

    But in fact, many people do not know is actually green onion pie, potato chips, fried potatoes, frequently eating fried dough sticks, sesame cakes for breakfast, late night snack or many people will eat instant noodles, they only contain oils and flour, not too many other nutrients, pure provides heat.

    These things eat better or less!

    I will use a balanced diet to maintain good health, five low price roots classes, fruits, and vegetables fish meat, dairy, eggs, beans, sugar, salt and oil, everyone has to eat. Drink milk 1~2 glass we need calcium and protein, fruit provides vitamins, minerals and fiber class 2, corn root class 3~6 Bowl increase carbohydrates and protein, vegetable 3 dishes to add vitamins, minerals and fiber.

    Although not necessarily do it every day, but I will try to do so. For their own health.

    As long as we want to earn food the body needs nutrition to supplement, I believe we must be very healthy!

    Away from the annoying and painful dise

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    HI, 不好意思打擾了!:)

    我在FB成立 ”JUST享瘦” 的社團平台分享健康及瘦身的資訊



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    How can I eat to get the nutrition it? Ah ... let me tell you about it!

    Petite, poor resistance from childhood, is easy to catch a cold or flu, so the family is very attention to my eating habits. Higher nutritional value of food, can help children grow taller long and strong, so the mother will be prepared milk, beef and fish I like for me to eat. Let me grow taller, protein supplementation, and become wise.

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