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Because of increased concern about surface water eutrophication from nutrient-enriched agricultural runoff, many swine pro-ducers are encouraged to decrease application rates of waste-based P.

Precipitation and subsequent removal of magnesium am-monium phosphate (MgNH4 PO 4 .6H2O),commonly known as struvite, is a promising mechanism for N and P removal from anaerobic swine lagoon effluent.

The objectives of this research were to (i) quantify the effects of adjusting pH and Mg:P ratio on struvite precipitation and (ii) determine the rate constant pH effect for struvite precipitation in anaerobic swine lagoon liquid.

Concentrations of PO4 -P in liquid from two anaerobic swine lagoons were determined after 24h of equilibration for a pH range of 7.5–9.5 and Mg:P ratios between 1:1 and 1.6:1.

Struvite formation reduced the PO4 -P concentration in the effluents to as low as 2mg l-1 .

Minimum concentrations of PO 4 -P occurred between pH 8.9 and 9.25 at all Mg:P ratios.

Struvite precipitation decreased PO4 -P concentrations by 85% within 20 min at pH 9.0 for an initial Mg:P ratio of 1.2:1.

The rate of PO4 -P decrease was described by a first-order kinetic model, with rate constants of 3.7, 7.9, and 12.3 h 1 at pH 8.4, 8.7 and 9.0 respectively.

Our results indicate that induced struvite formation is a technically feasible method to remove N and P from swine lagoon liquid and it may allow swine producers to recover nutrients for off-farm sale.

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    降水和隨後的去除鎂,銨磷(MgNH4 PO 4.6 H2O),俗稱鳥糞石,是一種很有前途的機制,氮和磷的去除從厭氧豬潟湖的污水。




    PO 4-P的最低濃度,pH值8.9和9.25之間發生的所有的Mg:P比。

    鳥糞石沉澱PO4-P濃度下降85%20分鐘內,在pH 9.0的初始Mg:P比為1.2:1。

    PO4-P下降率被描述由一階的動力學模型,速率常數為3.7,7.9和12.3 H 1,在pH值8.4,分別為8.7和9.0。



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