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1. 我佩服的人是Jolin,她當時出道時很不被看好,但現在卻是家喻戶曉小的超級大明星!她對每件事都很堅持,唱歌、跳舞都要做到最好。很佩服她努力不懈的精神。

2. 三餐吃的食物對我來說是能量,而甜食跟小點心則是能讓我的心情變好,像是巧克力、蛋糕、冰淇淋等等。

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    1.I admire Jolin, because when she debut people don't optimistic her, but now she is a very popular singer! She insist on every thing, like practice dancing and singing to be the best, I very admire her attitude.

    3. Eating meals is energy for me, and sweets and desert will make my mood better, like chocolate, cake or ice cream...etc.

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