Why haven’t teams forgone a PF and just have had 2 centers?

I understand that PF’s can stretch the defense with outside jumpers but personally on my ALL Time team I would rather have Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Shaq in his prime down low than I would rather have Kareem and Tim Duncan or KG. Just something I have always wondered. Centers are usually the better defensive player and better rebounders I would take that over a jump shooting PF any day of the week.


So you guys are telling me that the most skilled defensive big man Hakeem Olujowon couldn't play PF and guard other PF? Please not buying that. Note I wouldn't just throw any big men out play PF. They would have to be considerably better. Plus Tim Duncan and KG can both play both positions.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The PF position is important. They are a big man who can also spread the floor. If Your team had 2 Centers and another had a C and PF your team would be at a disadvantage because most Centers can't guard a good PF.

    Edit: I said most Centers can't guard a good PF and you go and bring up Hakeem the Dream. Think about it like this. Centers are not quick enough to guard PFs because your Center is more used to patrolling the paint area not running at a player like Lamarcus Aldridge taking a 20 foot jump shot. Being able to free up the paint with a PF is a great asset. It helps the offense immensely.

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  • 8 years ago

    Offensively it's a bad idea because there's just not that much room under the basket. If you have two centers down in the paint, and then the other team has their two defenders there as well, then there's no room for your outside shooters to penetrate and get to the basket. The rest of the team is reduced to jump shooting, which is an almost guaranteed way to lose.

    Two centers will be challenged defensively as well, because the opposition will have a PF who is comfortable shooting from 10-12 feet. You can't let him have that open shot, so one of your centers is going to have to out and defend the opposing PF, and your C who is a monster under the basket will not be nearly as effective if he's trying to keep up with a more mobile player out in space.

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    I believe having extra size like that only works with athletic players. Centers are often less athletic and need to play closer to the basket. This decreases spacing and can slow teams in transition. Sometimes those cons outweigh the benefits.

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    8 years ago

    as you said, a PF can stretch the floor

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  • as you said, a PF can stretch the floor


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