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Makeup and hairstyle experts, a question for you?

I'm a sixteen year old looking for a new makeup and hairstyle look. I have medium brown hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, with some layers in it for volume, an oval shaped face, and big, bright blue eyes with pale skin. Every day, I straighten my hair, and some days I tease it. I currently wear quite a bit of makeup; thick eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, etc. I do have pictures if they're absolutely necessary to answer.

My question is: What can I do to change my look up? I really like scene makeup, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm sure it requires practice, just like everything else, so if you have a quick tutorial or even a video or article about it, that'd be great! I'm not sure at all what to do with my hair, but I do want a dramatic change that looks good. I'd rather not cut it too much. However, leaving my hair natural is not an option, as I have a natural hair type that does not look good at all.

Thanks in advance, and if any more information can be given to help an answer, I'd be happy to provide it!

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    You should ombre your hair~ its a really beautiful hairstyle that requires little maintenance. Go the salon and ask for lowcut layers with ombre highlights -- I think you'll really like the way it turns out. OR if you want to, your blue eyes would probably look really good with reddish blond hair. In other words, since you don't want to cut, just dye it! :)

    Instead of scene makeup, you should try lessening the amount of eyeliner (go for a cute winged look), use navy eyeliner instead of black(will make your eyes reallly pop!), neutral shimmering eyeshadow (I suggest 'shimmering sands' from Covergirl) and pair that with cute red lips (try the "red velvet" lipbutter from Revlon, paired with a clear gloss). This will really change up your look! You'll look like you've gotten a new makeover that makes you look younger and much more fun :) I recommend this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeA10hMZXdU

    Youtube thumbnail

    Use my personalized recommendations, but she's obviously wearing eyeliner and having fun with the red lips. Obviously, you can continue to wear foundation, but I would really try to stop using so much eyeliner and try to not to worry so much since you're 16.

    Good luck! In the end, confidence is key: that's always the best look for you! :)

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    First step is get a tan or get some darker facial makeup; everyone seems greater effective with a tan. choose for a easy crimson lipgloss. i might advise impartial tones for eyeshadows such as beiges and browns. Black mascara and black eyeliner. possibly slightly of crimson blush. As for the hair, go a plum brown with some blonde highlights. you do no longer prefer to your hair to be crimson--you go with for it to be somewhat tinted plum and the highlights kick it as much as seem large.

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