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what is your opinion of sex tourism in thailand?

richard barrow runs a site called thai chat box and to become a member you have to wade through an introduction which repeatedly warns you that this is a family friendly room, no trolling, no flooding, no sex tourists, just be nice, just be nice, just be nice!!! I'm sick of hearing this.

what makes these sanctimonius s hits think that they are any better than me? I bet richard barrow went to thailand to pick up a bride as well and after all prince philip commented quite rightly that married women were as much prostitutes as 'real ' prostitutes.

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    I have no sympathy for sex tourists, most (not all) get into trouble and all have a lot in common, they are idiotic stupid and give Thailand a bad name, as well as other tourists...some people seem to think just because you (a farang) have a thai girlfriend she is automatically a bargirl/prostitute (both by fellow Thais and also foreigners in their country)

    Various people seem to stereotype things like: Thai girls= bargirls or you need a lot of money if you want a Thai girlfriend...when in fact the majority of Thai girls/women are kind generous helpful and relatively conservative.

    I saw this man playing with he's balls and doing sexual dances at some Thai friends I know (who were girls, at a restaurant...he was drunk I think...and they were around 18-21 he looks about 50+ ....They were disgusted and humiliated..

    Although some say it brings in money to Thailand it also brings in garbage with it... Some sex tourists fall in love with these bargirls/prostitutes end up with no cash and unable to head back home, some end up in jail from being framed for something they didn't do, drug related incidents, rape, and even murder, some are even murdered...is this the picture we want to bring in to Thailand?

    Some say Thailand would be f** without these sex tourists......I doubt that is true,...Thailand has more to offer than sex

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  • davaz
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    3 years ago

    detrimental: undesirable photo on u . s . spread of STDs Neg outcome on morals/self photo useful: Generates earnings will develop tourism (ew...) can provide new pastime classification regrettably many of the sex tourism is from defense force bases (extremely U.S.), as troops opt to unwind at the same time as they get that lengthy awaited shore leave.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you eliminate the Brits 99% of the problem would be solved.

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