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highly confused ? Chem Lab?

This is for lab:

a. Effect of HSO3- or MnO4-

Take 2mL of NaHSO3 solution. Add a drop of dilute HCl and then add 0.02 M KMnO4 solution, one drop at a time, while mixing, no more than 5 drops. Look for changes. Test for SO42- by adding 0.1 M BaCl2 solution one drop at a time also, while mixing, no more than 6 drops. The way bisulfate and sulfate are oxidizing is by the oxidizing agent. The formation of the white precipitate is the evidence.

******Write the balanced half-reaction equation for the oxidation of the bisulfite ion, HSO3-. Since this is part of an oxidation -reduction reaction, you must use the ion-electron (half-reactions) method of balancing.

how do you do this?

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