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Why Penomet is the best penis pump?

I have heard about "Penomet penis pump" not long ago on the news, I would like to hear some opinions from those who has tested or at least tried Penomet.

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    Just a fake advertisement to extort money x

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    Well not necessarily needs to be everything wrong what is on the news, evidently penis pumps themselves have been used for years to get excellent results and pumps are recommended by countless medical practitioners.

    Anyway why don't just try and google penomet penis pump .....

    Good luck

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  • It's actually a great pump just like Bathmate. Personally, while I like Bathmate X40, I tend to favor Penomet due to its innovative changeable gaiter system. I bought the premium Penomet a year ago. And, yes I have both Bathmate and Penomet and both devices are amazing although with Penomet you can change the gaiters to a higher pressure capacity once you've maxed out the lower one.

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    Penomet is actually a great product and I know from experience that it works if used properly and consistently. Recently I came across this review site that also cover personal experience just as those can be found on penis enlargement dedicate site like MOS, PEGym, maleenhancementpr.com, GLL, etc.

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    Bathmate Pegym

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