How to respond to ignorance during this election!!!!!!!!?

Obama's multiracial crowd looked like America yet Romneys crowd was full of whites not one other race in sight... O.O

I went on Bossip a black website and this is what a person had said:::

londonisfreezing Ms. Lee • 4 hours ago

If only morelittle black children will chanel positive energy we will overcome and take over soon.

Then another applied like

William londonisfreezing • 39 minutes ago

Take over what exactly? Blacks are the poorest minority in the United States. Yeah, that's right, Hispanics have surpassed blacks in income and wealth. Give it a few more years and Hispanic college rates will pass blacks. For people who have been in this country for over 400 years many of you are happy being dead last in everything.


Real_girl William • 3 minutes ago

Yes and were so Happy that you actually do the math on us and go to Black websites Like Bossip to stalk get a life if you ain't got nice **** to say about black people. Its just not healthy for you to be that obsessed especially the world. Black people will always be the talk of society Bad or good and that's what we accept and therefore which you will never understand, because your not black !!! simple as that. OBAMA NATION get over it!!!!!

9 minutes ago

- 4 days left to answer.

and First Of all What i Said at the bottoms to ******* READ *****



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  • 7 years ago
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    There is a vast difference in actually helping someone and simply continuing a pattern of abuse through the pretense of helping them in order to buy votes.

    There is not one among us who can deny our history of involvement in slavery.

    Yes, we can make pointless arguments concerning the origins, the time period, or any of the details, but our involvement remains.

    We can point to strides made into attempts to correct the mistakes of this history through Civil Rights Legislation, Voting Rights, and any assortment of other so called "concessions".

    Even so, we must admit that the entire Black Population in America did not begin their own history in America on an equal footing. In fact, we could say that Blacks in America began their modern day history here with a great many handicaps. The first of these, and perhaps, the most important is the lack of access to education....the knowledge of how to become self sufficient and build wealth.... a knowledge denied not due to fault of their own, but to a circumstance of birth.

    And that brings me to the focal point of this answer.

    Youtube thumbnail

    An "Obama Phone" is not the solution to this poor lady's problem, nor the tens of thousands like her.

    She would be better served by policies which are directed toward an end goal of teaching her to become self sufficient and helping her learn to build wealth for herself.

    Instead, she has been indoctrinated by a Democratic establishment which has deceived her into the belief that she IS being helped, when the truth of the matter is that she is no better off than her ancestors who may have been held on the Plantations of 150 years past. She is, herself, a slave. The methods of bondage may have changed, but, never the less, she remains shackled to a dependence on others for her survival in much the same way as her ancestors.

    Equality is not an idea which can be legislated nor can it be administered by a government.

    It is an idea which lives only in the hearts and in the minds of those who are willing to share it.

    If we are truly willing to share in this idea of equality, then we must end the charade and work, Black and White alike, to solve the problems preventing us from doing so, with a realization that the answer to this problem does not lie in handing out Obama Phones for votes promoting the false implication that Blacks are inferior and need government help for survival.

    The progression of Blacks in America has, for far too long, been impeded by faulty government policies which do not stand the test presented by the true meaning of "equality".

    These policies must be bent into a real purpose of educating every American to the benefits to all of a non racist society, where neither ancestry nor skin pigmentation is a determinate factor in success.

  • 7 years ago

    Being a true Texan my patriotism hit a new limit after yesterdays election. After seeing the level America has dumbed down too I have to say, "Fu*k America!!"

  • 7 years ago

    still crying racism and your guy won?

  • 7 years ago

    My point - thanks

    could not have painted a clearer picture of the divide

    Source(s): steer clear of those sites - spend time with refugees living in your country on a promise of liberty - you know, the ones, ones that built your nation
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  • 7 years ago


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