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急!! 英文作文, 贈送20點!! 12/11前,唔該幫手!

Write about 300 words on the following topic:

Sunday, 12th March, 201( ). Hong Kong Young Post

Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

One of many problems facing Hong Kong is the ageing population . Soon, one in every four people in Hong Kong will be over the age of 65. The government, in my opion, is not doing enough to improve social services for the elderly. Despite being a modern city, Hong Kong still lags behind other countries in the countries in the level of care it provides for the elderly.

Daniel Chan,

North Point


Situation: You are Chris Wong. Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Young Post replying to the points made by Daniel Chan. You can make suggestion about what the Hong Kong government can do to improve how they look after theelderly. Do not write an address.

*The writing should be at least 250 words

*Try to use as much good vocabulary as you can, good sentence structure too if you can

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    Dear Mr.Chan / Daniel Chan / Daniel,

    Thank you for your letter. Yes, I strongly agree with you. One of the major issues that we have in Hong Kong is that we have an ageing population which will lead to many other problems. I understand that there are too many elders who will be still living at a very old age. This could possibly lead to the elderly not receiving enough aid from the government. However, on the bright side- Hong Kong's ageing population is not in the worst situation comparing with other countries across the globe.

    One of the reasons why Hong Kong is an ageing population city is because majority of the couples in Hong Kong do not want to have children. This is because people in Hong Kong are always concerned about not earning money, hence they do not really care about having a 'family'. One of the very first steps the Hong Kong government should take action in is to make Hong Kong a 'Pro-natalist' city. The government should encourage young couples to build a family. For example, the more children that a couple have, the less tax they need to pay. The government could also give longer maternity leave for women (more than 10 weeks) and longer paternity leave for men, so they can take care of their wives. On top of all that, for every newborn baby, parents should receive incentive money from the government.

    This will benefit us all as a community, as the working-age population increase in time. If no one is working to build a society, than the society cannot function properly, which would lead to a big disruption to the whole world.

    (add more info yourself!! :) )

    Yours sincerely,

    Chris Wong

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