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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

[英文]急 能幫我翻譯英文自傳嗎?

各位教授好,我叫xxx。我是a大學b科系畢業,我系上是學習生物科技來運用在農業上使農業更進步。我當初沒一畢業馬上讀研究所是因為我那時還不知道我未來在工作上會需要哪些技能,我不希望我是要個文憑而對我的未來沒有幫助,所以我選擇先工作。我目前在xx工作快一年 我發現他們農業每年虧損。他們不太會行銷管理,導致水果常堆在冷藏室爛掉卻賣不出去。因此我動了想繼續進修學習行銷管理的念頭。希望能有機會進到貴系多家學習。感謝花你們的時間來面試我


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  • 8 years ago
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    Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good evening- professors, my name is ---(名字), I graduated from ----------(學校科系). My major is biotechnology, which will be applied to help the growth of argricultural industry. I didn't go to post-graduate school once I graduated from university was because I tended to figure out what skills I need to have on jobs instead of just getting a diploma. I have been working at---(公司)for almost a year. I found they have been failing managing the argricultural industry because they are not good at marketing, and which causes a great

    waste like expired and rotten fruits The problem motivates me to continue studying in marketing. I expect the opportunity to study in your school because I know your school is the best one to study marketing. I sincerely appreciate you for interviewing me today.

    希望有幫到你; )

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  • 8 years ago


    我們提供專業中英文履歷表與自傳撰寫或翻譯服務, 想找到一份好工作文件內容將是關鍵!!


    工作天數: 4-7工作天

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  • 8 years ago

    Distinguished Professor, and my name is xxx. B I was a University graduate, I was learning to use of biotechnology in agriculture to make agriculture more progress. I had not a Graduate Institute of reading because I was not immediately know what skills I will need in the future, I don't wish I were a diploma have no help for my future, so I'll have to work. I XX work almost a year I found them agricultural losses each year. Who is not good at marketing management, leading to often stacked in a cold room rot of fruit cannot be sold. So I would like to continue to study marketing and management ideas. Hope to have the opportunity to go over to your Department. Thank you spent the time to interview me

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